Haldiram's - Kaju Butter Cookies

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Haldiram’s Kaju Butter Cookies, Made from wheat flour, butter, milk, cashews, almonds, sugar and salt, snacks ideal for a quick bite or tea-time munching, 100 % vegetarian, Available in 250 gm pack

Haldiram’s Kaju Butter Cookies is a delightful snack item ideal for chit-chats over a cup of tea or coffee. The creamy cashews and nutty flavours of almonds add to the amazing taste and crunchiness of the butter cookies.

Haldiram’s Kaju Butter cookies derives its taste from the below ingredients:

• Wheat flour

• Milk

• Cashew

• Almonds

• Butter

• Sugar

• Salt (a pinch)



Experience the magic of bakery art with Haldiram’s Kaju butter cookies.

• These are made with quality assured ingredients.

• These have a long shelf life of 4 months.

• These can be directly sent to the recipient address with personalised messages.

• These are available in attractive gift boxes.

• These are 100% vegetarian.


Retain the freshness of Haldiram’s Kaju butter cookies by following the below tips.

• Store these in an airtight container. 

• Keep in a cool and dry place, do not refrigerate.

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