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Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati 30 Tabs

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Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati, Relief from Joint Pains, 100% Herbal, 30 Tablets

Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati is a herbal food supplement. This all- natural potent is based on Ayurvedic principles.


Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati is made with effective herbs. It is rich in minerals and anti- bacterial properties. The medicine is made with 

• Bala

• Vasa

• Shati

• Rasna

• Musta

• Shunti

• Guduchi

• Ativisha

• Devadaru

• Shatavari 

• Sahachara

• Dusparsha

• Eranda moola

Health Benefits 

Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati is a natural supplement. It is considered useful to solve below ailments. 

• Gout

• Sciatica 

• Arthritis

• Inflammation 

Eranda moola

Also known as castor root. It is purgative and anti- inflammatory in nature.


Also known as Barleria Prionitis. It lowers hip and lower back pain.


Also called Spiked ginger lilly. It is known for anti- inflammatory and analgesic properties.


Also known as Himalayan cedar. It is known for analgesic and anti- inflammatory properties.


Also known as Giloy. It is known to strengthen the immunity of the body.


Also known as Country Mallow. It strengthens bones, muscles and joints. 


Sri Sri Tattva is a well known brand in the market of beauty and wellness products. Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati 

• Is made with best quality herbs.

• Relieves stiffness from the body.

• Is not known to have any side effects.

• Stays usable for 3 years from the date of manufacture.

• Is available in an air- sealed container.


Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati

• Maximum 3 times in a day.

• Have it with lukewarm water.

• Should be consumed at least for 3 months.


Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati can stay best for use if following tips are followed.

• Can be stored at a cool and dry place.

• Should be kept away from direct sunlight.


Sri Sri Tattva Rasnadi Vati should be consumed keeping the following facts in mind.

• Keep out of reach from children.

• Should consult doctor during pregnancy.

Legal Disclaimer: Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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