Indian Traditional Pancha Patra With Achamani -Pooja Pancha Patra

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Indian traditional pancha patra with achamani-Pooja Pancha Patra: Made with Copper, Used to Perform Pooja Rituals, Store Gangajal, Available in Small/ Medium/ Large Size, 1 Piece


In the Indian households, a copper Pooja utensil is a must. Get the copper glass or the achamani Pooja pancha patra for your Pooja Ghar to perform the rituals with perfect discipline.

• It is made from high graded copper.

• It is available in three sizes: 

Small (5*6*6 cm) weighing 0.089 kg, Medium (6*7*7 cm) weighing 0.12 kg Big (7* 8*8 cm) weighing 0.18 kg.


It is generally used to 

• Offer sacred water to the Gods 

• Sprinkle the auspicious water at the beginning of the Pooja. 


Generally the copper glass is used to store sacred water, Ganga Jal, Charanamrit etc at home. Also during worship of Lord Shiva, the Gangajal is poured from the copper glass. Copper is considered to be an auspicious metal hence can be used for religious purposes.

• It is lightweight and compact which means one can hold it for quite a long time (in temples where there is a long queue) without any trouble of weight.

• Since it is carved from superior quality of copper, it has a shine and lustre which remains intact for a long time.

• The most important feature is that the achamani Pooja pancha patra has blunt edges. This will prevent hurting the holder as generally is the case with sharp edged copper items.

Maintenance & Care

Ensure that this sacred container retains its shine for long years by following the below tips.

• Use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the copper utensil.

• You may use mild soap and lukewarm water as well. 

• Do not use detergents as it makes the surface rough which affects the glaze.

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