Patanjali Amvatari Ras (40 Tab)

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Patanjali Amvatari Ras

Today’s busy schedule and unhealthy food habits are causing many health problems. Arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most common among them. Thanks toPatanjali Amvatari Ras is the ultimate solution of all these problems. This herb made tablet fortifies bone structure and soothes joint pain. So bring this magical Amvatari Ras today and gift it to yourself.


This 100% natural tablet is made with some amazing ingredients. These ingredients are

·        Castor oil

·        Lead Wort

·        Indian bdellium

·        Indian gooseberry fruit

·        Herbal purified Sulphur

·        Herbal purified Mercury

·        Belliric Myrobalan fruit rind

·        Chebulic Myrobalan fruit rind

These Ayurvedic elements have enhanced the quality of these tablets.

Health Benefits

In the year 2006 Yoga guru Ramdev along with Acharya Balkrishna founded Patanjali. The main motive of Patanjali is to establish the science of Ayurveda in accordance with the latest technology. Each of the product of Patanjali has many health benefits. This Ayurvedic tablet has also many magical powers, like

·        These tablets help to improve joint movement and flexibility.

·        Doctors also prescribe this tablet for curing psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis.

·        These tablets are enriched in natural calcium. Calcium is a very essential for stronger bones.


Patanjali offers a wide range of health care products. Each of these product is made hygienically with the use of modern technology which makes these products unique. Some of the exclusive features of this Patanjali Amvatari Ras are

·        There are 40 tablets of Amvatari Ras in one pack.

·        These tablets come with a shelf life of 12 months.

·        This medicine comes in a strong plastic bottle. This bottle keeps the tablets safe.

·        The bottle is small and absolutely travel friendly. The overall weight of this bottle including the tablets is approximately 500 mg

·        This magical Ayurvedic medicine can be gifted as well. This will be an ideal gift option for the senior family members.

Usage/ Dose

Follow some easy steps to consume Patanjali Amvatari Ras.

·        This tablet can be taken with luke warm water or honey.

·        It is advisable to avoid milk and green tea while taking this medicine.

·        Take 1 or 2 tablet every day before or after food or as directed by doctor.

·        Pregnant and diabetic patient should consult physician before consuming this tablet.


Follow few easy steps to store this medicine.

·        Keep it away from children.

·        Close the bottle carefully after each use.

·        Store this at a normal room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Take this tablet in precise dose, over dosage may cause sever poisonous effect.

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Prompt Delivery

Prompt delivery of my order the second time, but as far as the product itself, which the seller has no responsibility for, I would give it 0 stars. I thing this whole Ayurvedic thing is overrated.