3 Steps Silver Coated Pooja Mandir / Silver Pooja Mandiram

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3 Steps Silver Coated Pooja Mandiram/Silver Pooja Mandiram: Ideal gift on Indian festivities, 19*19*12 inches, 3 kg


Every Hindu household begins their day with offering their prayers to the Almighty. So here comes the 3 step silver coated Pooja Temple for your home. This is ideal for small rooms or offices, reducing the need of visiting the temple outside every time.

• The dimensions are 19*19*12 inches.

• It weighs about 3 kg.

• It is silver coated, which gives it a gorgeous look altogether.


It is a perfect replica of the significant Hindu shrines with a tapered and pointed peak at the top symbolising the significance of Hindu beliefs.

• The Pooja temple comes in a compact size of 19*19*19 inches which can accommodate several small deities or a single medium deity, as in most Hindu households. 

• The silver coat adds to the traditional look and the silver hue adds to the aesthetic feel.

• One can place this at home for regular worship or in commercial spaces for enhancing the décor.

• The detailed and intricate designs throughout the silver Pooja Temple adds to the charm of the item, especially with the “Om” symbol at the top.

• The temple is constructed such that it is at a raised platform which means the deities when placed inside the Pooja Ghar do not come in contact with the floor at all. Also there are four stands below the base which support and balance the Pooja Ghar at the base.

• There is also a drawer to store Pooja ingredients.

• It can be sent directly to the recipient’s address within limited delivery time.

• Personalised messaging options are available.

Maintenance & Care

• Clean with lukewarm water to retain its shine and lustre.

• Avoid cleansing with detergent as it will impact the silver coating.


Product Information:

Sizes: 19 x 19 x 12 IN or 49 x 49 x 31


Actual weight - 3 Kg, Volumetric weight - 51X51X33/5000 =17.16kg (Inclusive of packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.


Product ID : 483070 

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