Beautiful peacock Shaped Kundan Rangoli Design Green color For Floor Decoration and Pooja Decoration

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Beautiful peacock Shaped Kundan Rangoli For Floor Decoration and Pooja Decoration: Diwali Special, Green Coloured with crystals, 7 pieces, 6gm, 25*25*0.4cm


This rangoli design is inspired by the vibrancy of Indian culture and rituals. Place it at the home entrance, on the dining table, at the pooja ghar or adorn it on the living room wall. 

• Made with acrylic material and is painted in deep green.

• The peacocks are designed with yellow, ruby pink and red crystals to represent the colourful feathers.

• There are 6 dancing peacocks surrounding the heart of the rangoli. The heart of the rangoli can be used to keep the oil lamp or diya.


Besides the unmatched beauty of the multi colour beads, this exquisite piece of rangoli is

• Handmade, so every kundan and pearl is placed with great care and at the right place on the rangoli to give it a traditional look.

• All the 7 rangoli pieces can be organised in different ways to create unique rangoli designs for each occasion. 

• Comfortable and versatile, these rangoli designs are light weight and easy to carry from one place to the other.

• Reusable and stays new for several years.

• Available in a gift pack and can be sent directly to the recipient address with a personalised message.


Retain the unparalleled beauty of the peacock designed rangoli by

• Keeping it away from heat as it is made from acrylic.

• Clean it with a clean and wet cloth.

• If any stone falls off, use glue or acrylic to attach it back on the rangoli.

• Do not stick it with glue on the floor or table. Use double tape to stick the rangoli on walls.


• Do not fold and keep it in the plastic box available with the rangoli.


Product Information:


weight : 6 grms

Sizes: 24 X 24 x 0.4 cms 

Product ID - 618587


Note - This product will be made in different colors. At the time of purchase, Depending on available color order will be fulfilled. The available color will be notified if it is not matching with product picture color. Up on confirmation from customer either we proceed with order or we refund the amount which includes that particular product shipping. 


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