Nandi Kamandal with Chain / Gaumukhi Kamandalam

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Nandi Kamandal with Chain/ Gaumukhi Kamandalam, Pure Copper Made, Comes with a Lid, Face of Nandi (Vehicle of Lord Shiva), 85 grams, 1 Piece

Storing holy water or Ganga Jal and sprinkling holy water at the beginning of pooja at home or by priests in temples is an essential ritual. Establish the Gaumukhi Kamandalam at your pooja ghar and make your worshipping experience a wholesome one. 

• It is made from high graded copper.

• It comes with a handle as well as a lid.

• It is extremely light weight, weighs 0.85 kg.


Gaumukhi Kamandalam has a cow face at the bottom of the water pot which adds to the aesthetic significance of the item. 

• The Gaumukhi Kamandalam shines with grace and the detailed patterns and intricate designs add to the divine look.

• It comes in a neat finish with smooth corners and detailed Nandi (vehicle of Lord Shiva) face carved to perfection.

• The copper chain with which it can be hung is strong and sturdy enough to hold it firm.

• It can be an ideal gift during auspicious occasions to loved ones.

• It can be placed at residential homes or temples for an added aesthetic aura.

• Personalized gift messaging options are also available.

• It can be sent to the recipient’s address directly.

• The delivery time is quite short.

Maintenance & Care

Keep this unique piece of traditional pooja item new and shiny for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the copper item.

• You may also use mild soap and lukewarm water, but do not use detergents as it makes the surface rough and fades the glaze away.

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