Goddess Lakshmi Matha Idol / Vara Lakshmi Ammavaru Idol with Light Yellow Saree

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Goddess Lakshmi Matha Ammavaru/Varalakshmi Ammavaru idol with light yellow colour saree: Ready for Worship, Ideal Gift on Diwali, Navratri, Corporate Events & Housewarming Parties, 28*20*14 cm, 0.46 grams


Devi Lakshmi is worshipped in different forms and is known to be the harbinger of wealth and prosperity in the household. Every Hindu household generally offers their worship regularly to the Goddess for an overall well-being in the family. So welcome the Goddess in your Pooja Ghar and offer your prayers.

• The idol comes draped in a light yellow sari.

• The Goddess is adorned with stone and crystal studded crown and jewellery, like earrings, nose pins and bangles, adding to the divine look. 

• The idol of Devi Lakshmi depicts her seated in a blessing posture.

• The idol of Goddess Lakshmi Matha Ammavaru is only 0.46 grams in weight 

• The dimensions of the Varalakshmi Ammavaru idol is 28*20*14 cm in size. 


This statue is ideal for gifts during auspicious occasions like Diwali and Navratri. Besides worshipping, this statue can also be kept on tables, showcases of houses and offices to give an aesthetic feel to the place.

• The idol of Varalakshmi Ammavaru is light weight and its compact size makes it easy to accommodate easily.

• It is adorned with a light yellow sari, considering the religious and aesthetic significance of the colour. 

• The idol is carved to perfection with defined features.

• The idol is supported with a solid rectangular base to provide enough balance.

• It can be sent directly to the recipient’s address.

• Personalised gift messaging is also available.

• Can be sent in a limited delivery time.

Maintenance & Care

Retain the shine and new look of the idol for a long time by following the below tips.

• It is advisable to wipe clean delicately with a dry cloth.

• Keep it away from water as it is made from clay.


• Generally Goddess Lakshmi Matha Ammavaru is worshipped on every Thursdays by the women in the family. 

• Pandits suggest regular worship of the Goddess to bring harmony and unity in the family.

• It is also suggested wearing yellow clothes while worshipping the Goddess and offering yellow flowers to the Devi.

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