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Jangiri/ Jangri Sweet:

Be it Diwali, Navaratri, Raksha Bandhan, the yummy and traditional dessert of Jangri is a must. Also known as jalebi or imarti, this traditional sweet is tempting.

Jangri Ingredients 

Every bite of jangri is juicy being glazed with sugar syrup and as it melts in the mouth, the exotic flavour of rose water and divine aroma of cardamom creates a magic in the taste buds.  

• Oil

• Salt

• Sugar

• Rice flour 

• Rose water

• Food colour

• Lemon juice

• Cardamom powder

• White whole urad dal

• Kesari or saffron strands

Health Benefits of Jangri 

No one can say no to jangri not only because it is appealing in taste but also because

• White urad dal is good for both hair and skin. It is rich in iron and both low in calories and fatty acids.

• Urad dal also helps in digestion and is a storehouse of energy.

• Cardamom powder can help fight nausea, acidity and heartburn.

• Rice flour is a rich source of zinc and beneficial fibre. It promotes digestion and helps in weight loss.

• Kesari or saffron powder is rich in manganese. It regulates blood pressure and helps in the formation of bone tissues.


Crispy and golden in colour, this packet of jangri is

• Made with fine quality ingredients.

• High quality food colour is used which is devoid of harmful chemicals.

• Special care is taken while packing the jangri so that these do not break on the way.

• Jangri is available in medium and large packets of 500g, 1kg and 2kg packets.

• Jangri is one of the desserts which can be stored for a long time span, as long as a month.


• Jangri can be soaked in milk to give it a unique taste.

• Top jangri with rabdi to make it more delectable.

• Create a great breakfast treat by combining jangri with kachori.

• Store in air tight containers or sealed packets to prevent these from turning soggy.

So why wait? Treat your guests and loved ones with this traditional Indian dessert anytime, anywhere.

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Customer Reviews

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Jangri/ Jangiri Sweet


very well made enjoyed

Fresh Vellanki Jangiri

The Jangiri was heavenly. We found out from the packing that it was from the reputed Vellanki brand in hyderabad. They always live upto their expectations. Will buy again


We didn't feel this fresh as we expected. It would have been more fresher. I ate this sweet from my childhood. I am a fan of this sweet. But it didn't bring me the feel and freshness.

HI Janardhan, Thank you for your review. We are very sorry that your Jangiri is not of the highest quality. We removed the vendor Sri Devi Telangana foods for Jangiri, we will now ship only Top brands like Pulla reddy and Vellanki. We will Ship a Top Quality Jangiri for FREE with any of your future orders. Thanks again, and hope you give us another chance to impress you