Mithaiwala Spicy Kaju

Genie India


Why just have raw cashew nuts when you can have roasted and spicy cashew or mirohi kaju from the branded sweet and snacks maker, Mithaiwala. Be it evening snacks, short road trips, after school snack or chitchat time, Mithaiwala mirohi kaju can serve as the best companion.


These simple munchies from Mithaiwala are great to satisfy light hunger as these are made from the finest quality 

• Salt

• Gram flour

• Cashew nuts 

• Vegetable oil

• Chilly powder

• Crushed cumin seeds


Mithaiwala has been in the confectionary market for several decades. Now they provide a pure vegetarian recipe in the form of mirohi kaju to spice up your tea time. The primary features of Mithaiwala mirohi kaju are

• Long shelf life of as many as 60 days.

• Attractive gift packets with personalised messages.

• Available in medium and large packets of 500g, 1kg and 2kg.


• Keep the mirohi kaju or cashew nuts in an air tight container to prevent these from becoming soft and soggy.

• Store at a cool and dry place.

• Do not refrigerate. 

Product ID : 369640