Nirali Patra Tawa (Medium)

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Nirali Patra Tawa (Medium):


Now dosa making becomes easy with this Nirali Pathiri Tawa. The primary features of this cookware are

• Made from double layer Teflon which ensures high abrasion resistant and scratch resistant power, whether you are using wooden or metal spatula

• Available in 4 and 5 mm thickness and hence suits the unique needs of a family or small restaurant

• Crispy dosa can be prepared even on low heat on this tawa and hence is a fuel efficient cookware

• The outer coating of the tawa is painted by a renowned German company and hence comes with a long lasting and royal touch

• The non stick surface of the Nirali Pathiri Tawa ensures use of less ghee and oil to make the dosa.


Product Information:


sizes: 18.5 X 1.5 x 13 IN or 47 X 4 X 34 CM 

Actual weight - 1.02 Kg, Volumetric weight - 49X6X36 =2.13kg (Inclusive of packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.

Product Id: 375330