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Patanjali Bel Murabba, Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, Provides Relief From Digestion Issues, 1kg Pack

Unhealthy diet plans and busy schedule of this generation are causing multiple health issues. Gastric, constipation and digestive disorders have become very common ailments. Patanjali has made many herbal mixture. These mixtures are not only tasty but possess a number health qualities. One of such amazing product is Bel Murabba. Bel fruit has many digestive and carminative properties. A regular use of Bel Murabba can effect our digestive system positively.


Patanjali’s all products are made according to Ayurvedic recipe. Apart from the main ingredient Bel other items like

• Sugar

• Water

• Cardamom Seeds

have also been mixed for this preparation.

Health Benefits

Patanjali Bel Murabba can heal many health related problems, like

• Bel Pulp treats diarrheal conditions and loose motion.

• By preventing the absorption of cholesterol bel Murabba reduces the risk of heart disease. 

• The acerbic and acrid juice of Bel fruits are very beneficial for our digestive system.

• This mixture has some anti-inflammatory benefits. It reduces inflammation from joints.


Patanjali produces a large number of personal care and food products. Due to the quality of product Patanjali has become one of the fastest growing FMCG Company in India. This Bel Murabba also maintains the same standard.

• This Murabba comes in 1 kg jar.

• This product has a shelf life of 12 months.

Usage/ Dose

For better result consume this Murabba as guided.

• After lunch take this Murabba for 5 to 10 gm every day or as prescribed by your physician.

• For good result this can be taken twice a day.

• Patients of diabetes, hypertensive and pregnant women should consult their respective doctors before taking this Bel Murabba.


To maintain the quality follow some simple steps.

• Avoid direct sunlight.

• Keep it in a safe place, away from children. 

• Store at a normal room temperature. 

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Excellent and fast service!

Excellent and speedy service! I will surely use the service again on a regular basis and pass the good word with my network of friends as well.

Just that DHL did not deliver the items to my Dad (86 years old) and therefore he had to travel 45 KM to collect the shipment.


Patanjali Bel Murabba

Bael/bel fruit Murumba

Good quality with whole bel fruits. Packaged well.
Shipped very quickly and Keeps you updated in every step of shipping and handling.