Patanjali Divya Amla Rasayan

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Patanjali Divya Amla Rasayan, Provides relief from cough & cold, 100% vegetarian, 100 grams

Patanjali divya amla rasayan is an ancient form of Ayurvedic medicine. Indian gooseberry is an active ingredient in this herbal medicine.

Type: Powder.

Colour: Yellow.


Patanjali divya amla rasayan is an all- natural medicine. It is made with

• Fresh amla

• Dry amla powder

Health Benefits 

Patanjali divya amla rasayan ensures good health. The medicine is rich in

• Fibre.

• Vitamin c.

• Antioxidants.

Amla is considered as the Mother of all herbs. This is a rejuvenator and revitaliser for the body. This traditional medicine ensures physical fitness

• Tightens skin.

• Reduces hair fall.

• Treats deformities. 

• Improves life span.

• Improves eye sight.

• Boosts brain power.

• Prematures greying of hair.

• Prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

• Might help solve digestive issues.

• Can provide respite from cough and cold.


Patanjali is a renowned brand in the market of beauty and wellness products. All the Patanjali products are prepared following Ayurvedic principles. The divya amla rasayan is

• 100% vegetarian.

• Available in an airtight bottle.

• Available in a 100 grams package.


Patanjali divya amla rasayan should be consumed as per doctor’s instructions or following the below steps. 

• Have it with warm water.

• Drink it in an empty stomach.

• Have ½ to 1 tablespoon twice in a day.


Patanjali divya amla rasayan stays fresh and edible if the following tips are followed.

• Do not refrigerate.

• Store at room temperature.

• Do not expose to direct sunlight.

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Tasty and Nutritious.

It has many essential ingredients