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Plain Sakinalu, Sankranthi Special, 100% Vegetarian, Ready to Serve, Available in 500g-2kg packets

Another amazing snack recipe for, Telangana, Plain Sakinalu are concentric circles, deep-fried and lip-smacking. A must-have on Sankranthi, Plain Sakinalu is one of the most loved traditional snacks at Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


Plain Sakinalu is all-natural ingredients Indian snacks. This traditional South Indian delicacy is made from

• Oil

• Salt

• Raw Rice

• Carom seeds (Ajwain)

• Sesame seeds (Til)


Looking for a quick South Indian snacks to serve the guests or at the wedding? Get this packet of Plain Sakinalu, filled-with-goodness.

• Handmade and hence preserves the traditional taste of Telangana.

• Perfectly made and are medium-sized, making it easy to pack and send across as gifts; buyers can even ask for gift packs with a personalized message.

• Plain Sakinalu are available already fried and thus are ready to serve.

• This packet comes with a long shelf life of a month.


Enhance the tempting flavour of Plain Sakinalu following the below tips.

• Munch the Sakinalu dipped in tomato or mango pickle. 

• The sakinalu should be stored in an airtight container to maintain crispness.

• Ensure that the container is completely dry so that the crunchy taste is not spoiled.

Sending Plain Sakinalu to the groom’s family is a mandatory ritual at Telangana weddings. This packet of authentic snacks can easily relieve you of the strain of preparing it at home, without compromising on the taste.

 Shelf Life: 30 days 

 Product Id: 631372

Customer Reviews

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Fresh and Tasty Sakinalu

I usually like spicy Sakinalu but was surprised with the rich taste of Plain Sakinalu. They were from Vellanki foods and tasted fresh and delicious.

Will definitely buy again. Highly recommend

Definitely order it again.

I personally love Sakinalu a lot. I am really amazed with the communication, packing, delivery time and the quality of the products.
I would give 5 stars for all of above. They were very fresh and nice. I got the authentic feeling when I ate them. Definitely order them again