Brass Pooja Diya/Lamp Stand (Medium Size) / Deepam Stand (Medium Size)

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Brass Pooja Diya/ Lamp Stand (Medium Size) / Deepam Stand (Medium Size): Perfect Diwali Gift, Ideal for Regular Use, 58 grams, 1 Piece


Oil lamps are a necessity for every Hindu household. It is mandatory to light up an oil lamp every evening to keep away from evil and also during significant weekly pooja like on Thursdays for Lakshmi pooja. Establish the Pooja Diya or lamp stand at your pooja ghar to make your worship a wholesome experience.

• It is a medium sized deepam or lamp stand.

• It is made from high graded brass which adds to the gold like shine and lustre.

• It weighs only 0.58 kg.

• It comes with a brass chain.


The oil lamp is five faceted which adds to the elegance and aesthetic significance. The five mouths of the oil lamp stand symbolises the five elements of the universe. 

• One can soak the wicks and light them up with vegetable oil, ghee or camphor.

• The oil lamp has a sleek finish with smooth ends.

• The brass chain allows it to be hung easily which means it removes the possibility of stumbling on the oil lamp!

• It is beneficial for individuals with space crunch.

• It is an ideal gift for loved ones during auspicious occasions like Navratri, Diwali etc.

• It can be placed in residential homes and temples for adding to the aesthetic feel and also at commercial spaces for adding to the enhanced décor.

• It can be sent directly to the recipient’s address.

• Personalised gift messaging options are available.

• Delivery time is quite short.

Maintenance & Care

Retain the gold like shine of this oil lamp for several years by cleaning it in the below ways.

• Use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the brass diya.

• You may also use mild soap and lukewarm water, but do not use detergents as it makes the surface rough and fades the glaze away.

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