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Diwali Sweets & Snacks Online

Diwali Sweets, Diwali Snacks Online to USA From India

Diwali is round the corner; time when we wish to be with our families the most, especially when we are too far from them. It is the festival of lights, happiness and lots of sweets. Though it lasts for two days but the fervor begins much earlier. It is almost an entire month of festivities starting from Navratras, then Dusshera, then Karwachauth, then Govardhan Puja and then finally Diwali ending with Bhaidooj. No doubt, too many reasons to enjoy and be close to our loved ones. So many reasons to savor various sweets!

From Kaju Burfi to Gujia and Petha, all these names bring water to mouth; even more to those who do not find these easily around them. Wonder how do they relish these wonders of Indian festivals when they miss them? 

In case you are in a country like USA or Canada, then you will not have to miss these much as Distacart brings these delicacies easily to your doorsteps. It helps you bond with your family and festivals better. Not only this, in case you are in India and you wish to send Diwali sweets to USA to your loved one, you can do that also with the help of Distacart. After all, we understand what family is!

Diwali sweets lovers are as varied as are sweets themselves. While some love dry sweet items like soan papdi, revri and gajjak, others like made-up sweets like kaju katli, badam halwa and laddoos. There are also others who like cold sweet items like Kalakand, Petha and Bombay Halwa. In case someone wishes to taste too many together, then they prefer going for assorted sweets. Some people also prefer combining snacks with sweets in order to give a 360 degree tingle to taste buds. Whatever be the taste preference, there can never be a denial for sweets. 

Diwali Special Sweets:

There are lots of sweets which are known to be Diwali Special Sweets or Deepavali Sweets. For example, Soan Papdi, Sugar Revri, Gulab Jamun, Anjeer Rolls, Gajjak, etc. All this Diwali Mithai is commonly savored during these days. These and certain others are considered to be Diwali Special Sweets. Since, it’s a change of season time from summers to winter; hence such sweets are preferred which contain dry fruits, anjeer and ghee etc. In case you want to relish them at the convenience of your home, you can order these Diwali sweets online on Distacart. You can also order Diwali Snacks along with them. Together they make a great combo. 

Dry Sweet Items:

In case, you wish to send sweets to a loved one at a far off place, then you should prefer sending a dry fruit item which won’t get spoilt on the way or won’t smell for days. For example, you can prefer sending gajjak, revri or only dry fruits. Though Distacart is highly appreciated for its timely delivery, still one should not take risk in case of eatables. In case, you don’t like either of these, you can also send tin packs of Gulab Jamun, or dry fruit pack. These also usually don’t get affected and last for days. One should not miss to send Diwali sweets and snacks together in order to make a complete fulfilling combo pack. 

Made-up Sweets:

Several sweets like laddoos, kalakand, burfi, rasgulla etc are made day or two before any festival. These need to be consumed immediately as these are usually made of ghee which can start smelling if kept in closed containers or boxes for long and the sweet won’t be consumable in that case.  In case you still wish to relish them, then don’t worry. Distacart has sufficient provisions to ensure delivery of such food items too. Immediately check out the Diwali Sweets page of Distacart and order sweets online now before you read the tag ‘sold out’. 

Assorted Sweets Pack:

Sometimes one is not enough! When eating sweets, we always wish to taste more than one. This is true not only for another piece of same flavor but also for a different sweet item. For example, if you eat kaju kathli, you would also wish to taste kaju kassata or gondh laddu, in case you get to see it. That’s the beauty of an assorted pack of sweets. It brings more than one sweet item on your platter. Distacart can bring this also to your home. What you need to do is to just place an order and there you are with a pack of assorted sweets sharing and enjoying it with your loved ones. 

Sugar Free Sweets:

At times, our health becomes a barrier between us and our favorite sweets. Diabetics are usually restricted to consume sweets due to which they are usually disappointed while enjoying their favorite festival. If that’s the case then Distacart has a solution for this too. It has options of sugar-free sweets too. When you do Diwali sweets online shopping on Distacart, select sugar free options from the drill down menu and get rid of your disappointment. It offers sweets like Pulla Reddy Badusha Sugar free for you to savor and enjoy the festivities. 

Dry Fruits:

In case, you are a health conscious foodie who also wishes to enjoy the festival to the fullest then you should prefer opting for Dry fruits which are not only healthy but make for a drier alternative to sweets too. One can always serve them to the guests or savor them while on the move. Distacart offers a decorative pack of Dry fruit items from the best of brands like Pulla Reddy. Prefer placing an order for the same or sending it to your friends and family during this festive time. One can also choose this for corporate gifting purpose. 

Diwali Snacks:

How about some snacks this Diwali? After consuming sweets, one always wishes to bring some change to the taste buds with salty or peppery snacks. Check out some Diwali Snacks on Distacart for Mithaiwala Kaju Pakam one great snack item to couple with your sweets. Place an order immediately before it vanishes out. 


1. How can I order Diwali sweets online in USA?

You can order Diwali sweets online in USA at Distacart. It provides delivery in both USA and Canada along with free shipping options. 

2. What are Diwali Special Sweets?

Many sweet items are made especially around Diwali. For example, Pulla Reddy Badusha, Pulla Reddy Milk Mysore Pak, Jangiri Sweets, Pulla Reddy Kaju Kathili, Pulla Reddy Bandar Halwa, Pulla Reddy Chocolate Burfi, Kaju Burfi, Pulla Reddy Malai Burfi, Vellanki Jhangri, Mithaiwala Ajmeri Kalakand, Dadu’s Doodh Peda, Pulla Reddy Gavvallu . All these and many other sweet items are preferably made around Diwali. 

3. Which brands are good for ordering sweets?

There are many brands which ensure quality and timely delivery of sweets. For example, Vellanki, Pulla Reddy, Patanjali, Mithaiwala, Dadu’s Sweets and Sri Krishna. One can order Diwali sweets online from all r or any of these brands on Distacart. 

4. Can I order Diwali Sweets and snacks together?

Yes, no doubt. You can order Diwali sweets and snacks together on Distacart. 

Call it Diwali Mithai or Deepawali special sweets or Diwali sweets and snacks; one thing is for sure that there is no comparison of what it brings to us along with sweetness; undoubtedly, lots of memories and love of our near and ones.