Dr.Copper's Copper Water Bottle - 1 Liter

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Dr.Copper's Copper Water Bottle, New & Stylish, Keeps water cool and bacteria- free, 1 litre


Dr. Copper’s copper water bottle is considered to be the world’s first seamless copper water bottle. Copper is considered healthy. This bottle can be easily carried to schools and offices.

Volume: 1 litre 

Freezer safe: No

Material: Copper

Weight: 0.77 kilos

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Dimension: 11.5*3.5*3.5 inch

Content: 1 copper bottle with cap


Dr. Copper uses most advanced technology to make this bottle. It is a perfect gift item on Raksha Bandhan or birthdays. This is a handcrafted product. It is manufactured using 2000T forg extrusion technology from Europe. Some unique features of this bottle are, it is

• Eco friendly.

• Easy to clean.

• Excellent finishing.

• Made with pure copper.

• Come in attractive shape.

• Joint free and sleek in design.

• Lacquer coated to maintain the original colour of copper.

• Leak proof. The multiple threads and the silicon ring prevents the spill out of water.

Why use copper bottle?

Copper is an ancient metal. The Ayurvedic properties of copper creates a natural purification process. 

• It comes with antibacterial properties. It kills bacteria and safeguards the body from health risks.

• Drinking water from copper bottle can improve the immune system.

• The copper ions in water boosts the metabolism rate.


To get the best benefits of storing water in the Dr. Copper’s copper water bottle, follow the below tips.

• Store water overnight in the copper bottle.

• Store the water for at least 4- 8 hours.

Maintenance & Care 

Keep this copper water bottle new and shining for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Do not refrigerate the bottle.

• Do not store anything 

• than water.

• Use warm water to clean the bottle.

• Use lemon, salt or vinegar to clean the bottle.

• Leave the bottle in the solution for 15- 20 mins before washing.

• Clean it once per week to remove the dark spots caused by copper.

• Do not use core scrub for cleaning the outer part.

• Use a soft cloth to clean the residue at the outer part of the bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Great product .we use this to store water over night

Excellent product .Bit heavy but manageable.Taste of water is also good, Do not use it With Salty water . Great look and feel of Quality. Strongly suggest the product