Milton Steel Hot Box - Excel 3500

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Milton Excel 3500 Stainless Steel Casserole:


This hot box or casserole from Milton relieves you from carrying multiple tiffin boxes to school or office. This box

• Is equipped with enough space to hold heavy breakfast, lunch or snacks

• Comes with an air tight lid which prevents leakage of food

• The high grade stainless steel body, both at inside and outside is insulated and hence keeps food hot and fresh for longer time period

• The lid comes with a easy pull handle and hence there is no chance of scattering food when trying to open the box

• Strong and sturdy handles which help you hold the casserole easily even when it is hot.


Product Information:


sizes - 11 x 11 x 6 inc or 30 x 30 x 16 cm 

Actual weight - 2.22kg, Volumetric weight - 32x32x18/5000 = 3.6 Kgs(Including packing). The shipping weight is calculated as which ever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.


Product ID : 375312