Nirali Non-Stick idli Stand (4 Plates) Non-Stick Idli Maker-Idli Cookware

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Nirali Non-Stick idli Stand (4 Plates) Non-Stick Idli Maker-Idli Cookware, Made with aluminium, Double coating, Rust free, 689 grams


The Nirali non- stick idli stand is a perfect example of advanced technology. This kitchen tool is both stylish and functional.

Brand: Nirali.

Weight: 689 grams.

Colour: Pitch black.

Dimensions: 4mm thick.

Uses: To make multiple idli.

Warranty: 1 year on the product.

Material: Aluminium. Teflon surface coating.

Package content: 1 piece of non- stick idli stand.


Nirali is a renowned brand in the market of kitchen utensils and accessories. This non- stick idli stand meets the regular requirements of idli makers because it

• Is light weight and durable.

• Stylish design and can be used to serve idli directly on the dining table.

• Heat resistant and can be held even when warm.

• Non- stick and hence easy to clean.

• Comes with a matte finished handle which gives it a comfortable grip.

• Made with premium quality aluminium and is thus corrosion resistant.

• Uses low amount of oil, ghee or butter and is thus light on calories.

• Can be used to prepare 16 idlis at one time.

Maintenance & Care 

Keep using the Nirali Non-Stick idli Stand for months by following the below tips.

• Use a wooden spatula so that there are no scratches.

• Wash after every use with lukewarm water and a mild dishwasher soap.

• Do not scratch with any sharp tool to get rid off stains.