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Mother Sparsh- A Real Platform For Motherly Care:

The strategic evolution of life has drastically affected the human healthcare systems. Time has come to exploit the specialist personalities to boost up the system with great creativity and enthusiasm to meet the demands.  In the present scenario, health care has become an integral component of sustainable growth.

The healthcare products available in the market are innovative and aiming to address the specific needs of the people. Consumers are progressively adopting various advanced methods to exploit the sources of these unique healthcare products available across the world. E-commerce has become one of the best available sources to get the products for their great needs. 

Among all the diversified E-sellers, Mother Sparsh is a unique platform for offering herbal/Ayurvedic solutions for Baby & Personal Care related issues. Ayurveda has been long associated with our culture and tradition, Mother Sparsh enthuses to protect and preserve that ceremonial practice by bringing nature's luxurious herbs and oils into present lifestyle systems. Mother Sparsh, has been producing healthy and sustainable herbal health care products which are carefully crafted with real natural ingredients.

Singularity of Mother Sparsh:

  • Exclusively formulated with naturally available plant powered ingredients.
  • Prepared from authenticated Ayurvedic, organic and eco-friendly constituents. 
  • Designed by its own expertise R & D team with zero side effects.

Collection of Product from Mother Sparsh:

Baby Care Products:

All the kids and Newborn Babies Products in all aspects to diminish the risk of illness and stimulate their growth and development. Mother Sparsh has been offering the following baby care products for newborn babies.

Baby Wipes: Mother Sparsh baby wipes are exclusively designed for gentle cleansing and freshening of the baby's delicate skin while changing the diaper and before going to bed. These are free from harmful hard chemicals and rich with unique herbal components which can effectively check the allergies, irritations and rashes. These wipes are made from plant based biodegradable material considered eco-friendly. 

Baby's Skin Care:The skin and immune systems of a New-born/babies are very delicate and sensitive to infections. Generally, the normal skincare products used to control the skin related issues caused by chemicals and dyes used in clothing, detergents, soaps and oils may cause different skin problems. In this regards, Mother Sparsh has given the best solution to address these issues in the form of plant powered baby soaps, baby wash, diaper rash creams, baby body lotions, baby sunscreen lotions and shampoos with attractive combo offers. 

Detergent & Cleanser:The hypoallergenic formulations of detergents and cleansers are highly preferable to retain the natural skin stature of the babies. Products from Mother Sparsh are as gentle as water with neutral pH, free from harsh chemicals. These are made from 100% natural ingredients to maintain natural health with a mild fragrance.

  • Befitting Features of the products:
  • Derived from plant sources to nourish the baby skin.
  • Develop a protective sheath to hydrate and shield the gentle skin.
  • Relieve discomforts caused by rashes and inflammations.
  • Make the skin smooth and soft and prevent skin from post   shower dryness.
  • Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory.
  • Free from hard and harmful chemicals with no side effects.

Mother Care Products:

Stretch Mark Care:Stretch marks are the scars developed on our skin when it stretches or shrink during growth or pregnancy. Generally, the stretch marks are permanent but the best treatment makes them less detectable. Studies have revealed that creams, lotions, and gels may treat stretch marks.  Mother Sparsh has designed innovative products to cater for the mothers who have been trying to get rid of these Stretch Marks Products.  Massage Oils, Repair & body toning oils and stretch mark toning butter are the creative products that have been offered by Mother Sparsh. These are 100% ayurvedic Formulations loaded with the medicinal qualities of preferred herbs and oils (Coconut, Jiwanti, Peepal, Kachur). These products soothe, hydrate and tone the skin and help to minimize the stretch marks.

Lactation Supplement:Mother Sparsh has formulated complete ayurvedic herbal supplements for lactation with Shatavari, Godanti Bhsma, Amla, Yashtimadhu and Dalchini which promote and boosts location in young mothers. 

Mother Sparsh Haircare Products :

  • For better appearance and overall hygiene of the body, Haircare is one of the important components. Proper and regular hair care helps in avoiding extensive damage of hair and reduces hair loss. The best hair care products only can ensure complete hair care.
  • Mother Sparsh has formulated different hair care products for reducing Hair-fall, dandruff and promoting hair regrowth along with scalp care products.
  • Mother Sparsh hair care products are formulated with different potent herbal extracts and essential oils which improve the volume of hair and strengthen the hair. It is very effective in repairing damaged and fragile hair, roots of the hair and hair follicles. All the therapeutic ingredients are dynamic in maintaining the scalp healthy, promoting new hair growth and making them lustrous. The majority of the products are designed to soothe the scalp by working against dull, itchy, dandruff-prone hair effectively checking the fungal growth and diminishing dandruff.

Mother Sparsh Skincare Products: 

  • Skincare is also as important as facial care. The revolutionised environment has been damaging the skin. In this regard, Skincare has become a major and fast growing market segment than any other component of the beauty industry.
  • Mother Sparsh, the best skincare product facilitator, emerging with unique compositions into the world.

Uniqueness of Mother Sparsh skincare products:

  • Exclusive Skin friendly herbal compositions with no side effects
  • Nourish the skin with natural nutrients
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation/dark spots.
  • Rehabilitate and rejuvenate the dead skin cells and areas.
  • Hydrate and boost their natural radiance and glow.
  • Improve texture and skin tone.

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