Drum Stick Pickle / Sahjan Aachar / Mulakkada Pickle

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Drum Stick Pickle / Sahjan Aachar / Mulakkada Pickle, Andhra Special, 100% Vegetarian, Made with fresh and tender drum sticks, Available in 250gm – 2kg Packets 


Drum stick pickle is a special pickle recipe from Andhra Pradesh. This pickle is rich red in colour with large pieces of drum stick in it. This pickle can be served with plain rice, dal, roti, paranthas and curd rice.


Mulakkada pickle is a combination of several spices, oil and drum sticks. Surprise your guests with this drum stick pickle recipe. It is made with

• Salt

• Lemon

• Tomatoes 

• Drum sticks

• Curry leaves 

• Red chilli powder 

• Edible vegetable oil 



This drum stick pickle recipe pairs well with plain rice and ghee or clarified butter. This pickle is made without using any artificial flavours or colours.

• It has a long shelf life of 2 months.

• It is made with farm-fresh and tender drum sticks.

• Fresh spices are used to bring taste.

• Handmade Process is followed to give the pickle a traditional taste.

• This is a completely vegetarian recipe.

• It is available in small, medium and large packets.


This drum stick pickle stays fresh and fine for a long time span when the following tips are followed.

• Stored in a clean and airtight container.

• Refrigerated or kept at a cool and dry place.

• Place the pickle jar occasionally under sunlight.

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An easy way to feed veggies to my kid

From the time I came to US, I have been missing my Andhra styled pickles. The day I saw this drumstick pickle I knew I want it. Super taste, fine pieces of drumstick and use of organic spices, I got the taste I was looking for.