Karela Pickle / Bittergourd Pickle

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Is it impossible to make your kids have karela due to its extremely bitter taste? Try out this unique karela pickle recipe from the Joshi’s. The pickle contains the proteins of bitter gourd but does not have the bitter taste of the vegetable due to the strong presence of oil and spices in it.

You can relish this pickle with simple preparations like rice with dal, kadhi, sambar or rasam. 




Karela pickle is lip-smacking in taste and high in nutrients as it is made from

• Garlic

• Iodised salt

• Green chillies

• Mustard seeds

• Fenugreek seeds/ methi

• Edible vegetable oil 






Joshi’s karela pickle is devoid of the bitter taste of bitter gourd and is an ideal companion or lunch, dinner or a chitchat session. It is so special because 

• It is made from the finest bitter gourd available in the market.

• Available in small, medium and large packs, karela pickle from Joshi’s caters to the requirements of both small and big families.




• Store the pickle in a clean, sterilized jar.

• Keep the pickle in the refrigerator.


Shelf Life : 3 months


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