Lemon Sweet Pickle / Meetha Nimbu Achaar

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Whenlife demands a spoonful of tangy tasty fun, sweet lemon pickle is your one and only choice.




The sweet lemon pickle from Joshi's is made from

·        Sugar

·        Cumin

·        Ginger

·        Turmeric

·        Coriander

·        Iodised salt

·        Vegetable oil

·        Red chilly powder

·        Best quality lemons






Joshi is a brand in the making of pickles and is a graduate house of age-old pickle recipes.Joshi’s sweet Lemon pickle is characterized by unique features like

·       Right amount of preservatives are used in the pickle so that it can have a long shelf life.

·        It is available in both small and medium packets so that it can serve the demands of both small and large families.

·        Can be stored for as long as a year. Sweet lime pickle may change colour after some amount of time but it tastes as delicious as fresh.

·        Fresh and high quality limes are used and there is no use of chemicals; this provides a homemade taste to the pickle.

·        Traditional spices are used and hence it is a perfect blend of sweet and tanginess.

·        This is a complete vegetarian product and hence can be relished even during pooja.




Joshi’s sweet lime pickle should be

·        Stored in an air tight container.

·        The pickle should be kept in a cool and dry place.

·        It should be occasionally exposed to sun.

So get a pack delivered right at your doorstep today.


Shelf Life: 3 months


Product Id: 403338



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I am punjabi puttar but lkke madrasi taste of it with ginger bits , bit expensive but worth it else u will need to smell fart of someone to ship u from india i have penny pincher telugus whom i call teil goo eating goos or gobers pinching on pennies . Theor parties suck with little caesars cheapest pizza !! And if they see free food they will attack loke world war !! Never sees bad smellong bad looking madrasis in america who dress like piece of shit but earn 6 figure salaries . For more trash talk on cheap desis in america call my cell , 989 fuck u desi

Nothing artificial…safe for consumption

The pickle was delivered at very less time, is super tasty and could be preserved for at least 3 months