Mango Pickle with Garlic / Lahasun Ka Aam Aachar

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Mango Pickle with Garlic / Lahasun Ka Aam Aachar, Made with Big Raw Mango Slices & Garlic, 100% Vegetarian, Available in 250gm, 500gm, 1kg & 2kg Packets

An Indian platter is incomplete without a spoonful of chutney. This does not mean that you have to take the hassle of making chutney every time; this bottle of mango pickle with garlic can serve an ideal companion with dal, rice, parantha or roti.


This mango pickle with garlic comes with a tongue tingling taste. It is made with all- natural ingredients. It is made with

• Sesame oil

• Iodised salt

• Red chillies

• Garlic paste

• Ginger paste

• Curry leaves 

• Mustard seeds

• Raw mango pieces



A spoonful of mango garlic pickle can be your best companion on a summer idle afternoon. This pickle can be served during pooja and festivities as it is 100% vegetarian. It is

• Available in airtight containers.

• Can be stored as long as 3 months.

• Available in both small and large packets.

• Made with farm-fresh mangoes and garlic.


This bottle of mango garlic pickle can be kept hot and spicy for a long-time period by following the below tips.

• Store it in the given airtight container.

• Keep it under sunlight occasionally.

• Do not refrigerate the pickle; keep it in a cool and dry place.

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Mango Pickle wih Garlic / Lahasun Ka Aam Aachar