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Aarti Holder/Harathi Holder: Small/ Medium/ Large, Pure Brass Pooja Accessory


Waving of lighted camphor before the God in a spirit of gratitude is called aarti and Indian pooja is incomplete without this ritual. This brass aarti holder will help you to complete your pooja. Be it in home or temple it has to be in your pooja items.

• Its primary material is Brass.

• Length of 73 gms is 16.51 cm

• Length of 78 gms is  15.24 cm 

• Length of 98 gms is   19. 05 cm

• The total weight of this holder is only 0.60 kg. 

• In front of this holder there is a space for camphor.

• The product is available in three sizes, small, medium and large; 73, 78 and 98 kg weights.


After the aarti touch the flames partially with hands and kept on the head to get the positivity. This Pooja accessory is a perfect gift item on Diwali or housewarming occasions.

• It can be directly send to the recipient address.

• The holder comes with a long lasting golden shine.

• This aarti holder is made with premium quality brass.

• Buyers can also include their personal wishes with this item.

• This Pooja accessory comes with an option of gift packaging.

• The holder is intricately designed, making it perfect for the festive use.

• Available in various sizes and thus one can choose as per the need of the occasion; this flexibility also ensures that you can choose one as per the weight you can handle.

Maintenance & Care

To maintain the shine of this holder follow the below mentioned simple steps.

• After use remove the remaining camphor.

Clean it after each use.

• Vinegar, salt and flour will help to remove the spots.

• When using move it slowly to avoid any accident. 

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