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Pulla Reddy Assorted Sweets, 14 Types of Traditional Indian Sweets, 100% Vegetarian, Diwali Special Pack, Available in 500gm, 1kg & 2kg Packets

Assorted sweets packet is a power pack of flavours, colours and fragrance. The pack contains 14 varieties of sweets which include

Gulab Jamun

This is a classic Indian sweet dish. These are dark brown sweet balls dipped in yummy sugar syrup.

Motichoor Laddu

This is an all time favourite sweet dish of all age groups. These sweets are bright orange in colour and garnished with shreds of pistachios and almonds. Motichoor laddu are gram flour balls dipped in sugar syrup.

Besan Laddu

The grainy texture of gran flour rolled in desi ghee creates the unique flavour of besan laddu. Sunundalu

These laddu are made with Urad dal. Mixed with jaggery, these sweets are Andhra Special.

Kaju Burfi

These cashew sweets blended in sugar and ghee are ideal to be served on any occasion. The buttery taste of kaju burfi is loved by both kids and adults.

Butter Burfi

This is a healthy sweet recipe. The soft and mouth melting taste of butter burfi will be loved by all.

Son Papdi

This cube shaped sweet dish is made with crispy besan flakes. Garnished with pista and almonds, son papdi is a festive sweet.

Pista Burfi

This sweet comes with a unique flavour of pistachios, almonds, milk and ghee. This delicious pista fudge comes with a mild nutty flavour and attractive green colour.

Badam Kathili

This tender sweet dish is enriched with almonds, ghee and sugar. Diamond shaped and wrapped in silver varaks, these sweets look exquisite.

Dry Fruit Burfi

These sweets can be easily termed as dry fruit candies. This South Indian dessert recipe is power packed with the nutrients of almonds, cashews, pistachios, figs and date.


This is a royal sweet dish. Badusha is deep fried doughnuts with a tender filling of Mawa. The glazy sugar coating gives a beautiful look to the sweets.

Bombay Halwa

This Bombay special sweet dish comes with a chewy texture. It is made with nutritious sabudana.

Malai Peda

This Malai Peda brings home the authentic taste of North Indian malai burfi. This milk- based sweet dish is generally served to Lord Krishna during Janmashtami.

Kova Kajjikayalu 

This is a traditional sweet from Andhra. The sweet balls are filled with jaggery and coconut.

Health Benefits 

Assorted packet of sweets are made with 100% natural ingredients. These sweets are filled with minerals, vitamins and protein.

• Mawa, which is also known as khoya is a milk based food product. It is a storehouse of calcium and helps to strengthen bones and muscles.

• Almonds, cashew and pistachios are packed with healthy minerals. These balance both the blood pressure and sugar levels.


This packet of assorted sweets are so special because these are

• 100% vegetarian.

• Comes with a shelf life of 15 days.

• Made with best in class ingredients.

• Available in 500gm, 1kg & 2kg sweet boxes.

• The sweets can be directly sent to the recipient address with a personalised message.


The sweets can stay fresh and tasty for a long time span if the following tips are followed.

• Refrigerate the sweets.

• Store in an airtight container.

• Keep at a cool and dry place.

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Excellent service! Well packaged and arrived super fast. Quality is also good! I’ve already ordered 4 times from Distacart in the last two weeks:)


Sweets were dry by the time we received it. Also, the assorted items did not have much variety.

Hi Raghav, I am extremely sorry about this issue. This rarely happens with Pulla Reddy sweets, as a way to compensate for this, as per your request, we are sending you the sweets you had asked for for FREE. I hope you like these new sweets. Looking forward to serving you soon Kiran

Pulla Reddy Assorted


Pulla Reddy Assorted


Packing was everything fine .. sweets got dried off..

Hi Siva. First of all, we are extremely sorry for this. This is not up to our standards. Pulla reddy sweets shop makes their sweets fresh everyday. But, we are asking all our executives to double check the quality of sweets before sending to customers again. I am sending you a Gift card worth 10$ to compensate for the below par quality of the product. Hope you give us a chance again