Mithaiwala Kaju Pakam

Genie India


This assorted sweet preparation from Mithaiwala is an ideal serving on festive occasions, as gift items or as a healthy snacks alternative to kids Backdrop

Kaju Pakam originates from Andhra Pradesh and is a completely vegetarian preparation.


This is a very simple sweet dish from India and is made from

• Ghee

• Sugar

• Jaggery

• Cashew nuts



Mithaiwala is a brand name in the market of Indian sweet making and Kaju Pakam from their house is golden, crunchy and delicious as

• Made from high-quality cashew nuts.

• Uses freshly made jaggery.

• Uses a balanced amount of preservatives so that the Kaju Pakam has a longer shelf life.

• The sweet boxes are available in medium and large boxes, which range from 500 grams to 1 kilo and 2 kilo.

So gift a pack of Kaju Pakam from  Mithaiwala, which comes with a unique flavour and leaves people wanting more.


Shelf Life: 15 Days

Product ID: 368699