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Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari 60 Tabs

Genie India

Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari, For Irregular Menstruation, Increases Female Fertility, 100% Herbal, 60 Tabs

Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari is an all natural medicine. This is an Ayurvedic formulation.

Form: Capsules 

Type: Health supplement 

Gender: Male, girls and women

Suitable for: Teenagers and adults

Package content: 60 tablets in an airtight jar


Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari is made with 100% pure shatavari. This is considered as a superfood. It is also known to be a potent diuretic.

Health Benefits 

Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari ensures overall health of the female reproductive system. This herbal potent offers the following health benefits to women.

• Improves fertility

• Improves libido levels

• Cleans toxins from blood

• Reduce risks of miscarriage

• Menstrual cycle irregularities

• Reduces hormonal imbalances

• Alleviates menopausal symptoms

• Alleviates pre-menstrual symptoms

• Provides nourishment to female reproductive systems

The medicine helps the male in health issues like

• Impotency

• Spermatorrhea

• Inflammation of reproductive organ

Shatavari, which is also a superfood can offer the following health benefits.

• Colitis

• Heartburn

• Hyperacidity

• Stomach ulcers

• Dysentery and bronchial infections 


Sri Sri Tattva is a well known brand in the market of organic products. The company is in the market of herbal medicine for past 4 decades. Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari

• Is 100% vegetarian 

• Is made with 100% pure ingredients 

• Comes with a long shelf life of 24 months

• Comes in an airtight container. The jar can be carried easily.


Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari should be consumed after consulting a physician. Follow the below steps to have the medicine.

• Have 2 capsules in a day

• Have the medicine 2 times in a day

• Have the medicine either with water or warm milk 


Sri Sri Tattva Shatavari stays fresh and usable for long if the following tips are followed.

• Keep at a dry place

• Store in an airtight container

• Keep under ambient temperature

• Combine the medicine with Ayurvedic massages, yoga and medication for better results 


• Keep away from children 

• Close the bottle lid tightly 

• Do not expose to direct sunlight 

• Do not exceed the recommended dose 

Disclaimer: Claims not verified by the United States FDA

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