Etikoppaka Wooden Home Decor Military Tank Toy

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Etikoppaka Wooden Home Decor Military Tank Toy, Imaginary Battle Field, Storytelling Toy Set, Home Décor, Gift Item, 6*3*3 inch, 86gms




Etikoppaka Wooden Home Decor Military Tank Toy is an appropriate toy for people of all ages with its attractive looks and fine features. 

• This Etikoppaka Military Tank Toy is made with soft and grained wood, which is known as anduku.

• It is multicoloured with the combination of red, yellow and brown colours. Lacquer is used to add shine to the set.

• The toy has a tank set on wheels and has a soldier operating it. 

• The tanker, soldier and the wheels are separately made and glued together to give it the shape of a military tank.




Etikoppaka Wooden Home Decor Military Tank Toy is pride of Andhra Pradesh with its fine features. Etikoppaka toys date back to hundreds of years and is an integral part of the Andhra tradition of gifting at least one toy from this set to a girl child on her first birthday. The set is so perfect as a home décor or gift item because

• It is handcrafted and finely carved in wood.

• Care is taken to round the corners so that the sharp corners do not hurt the fingers.

• Organic paint made with vegetables, seeds, leaves, roots, bark and lacquer is used to colour the set.

• The toys are available in impressive handmade gift boxes. 


Maintenance & Care


Retain the new look of the Etikoppaka Wooden Home Decor Military Tank Toy for long time by

• Keeping it away from water.

• Cleaning the dust with a dry cotton cloth.


Product Information:


sizes: 6 X 3 X 3 IN or 16 x 8 X 8 CM

Actual weight - 0.00 Kg, Volumetric weight - 22X14X14 =0.86kg (Inclusive of packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.


Product ID : 645419


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High quality product. Delivered in very less time.

Was surprised to find this modern shape in Etikoppaka toys. My kid loved to have this piece of battalion