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Wall Stickers - Kids, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Hall, Office, etc

Wall Stickers, wall decors, or wall designs, as they are popularly called, are great pieces of art to decorate your home, office, or business space and bring delight and vibrancy to your mundane routine. Wall stickers spice up the dead, monotonous looking walls into such an aesthetic beauty that it becomes pleasant not only for the eyes but for the soul too.

This inexpensive décor item comes in various sizes, shapes, and designs and is good for homes with limited spaces. They can be paintings depicting nature, wildlife, or scenery or representing life in various forms or photo frames, etc. There are several options suiting every area of the house be it a living room, kid's room, bedroom, or kitchen. After all, every wall has a story to tell and wall stickers are a great way to do so!

Wall Stickers for Living Room:

Living room is the mirror of your home. This is the place which is frequently used by you to watch T.V, to receive guests and to relax. There is an exclusive range of wall stickers to give a beautiful and dazzling look to this buzzing space of your home. These stickers are easy to apply and come in various designs.

Distacart makes selecting a design of your choice easy by providing a wide range of wall stickers for the living room. The rates are affordable and the service is quick. Check out the Autumn leaves and birds wall sticker and beautiful large purple tree sticker or an even wonderful Ganesh motif wall sticker. All of them look simply great! 

Wall Stickers for Kitchen:

Kitchen is the area where the woman of the house spends most of her time whipping out delicacies for the whole family. A quaint, picturesque, beautiful kitchen will pep up her mood and will keep her happy too. Try the Happy Kitchen Aquire medium PVC Vinyl Sticker or maybe a glowing earthen lamp wall sticker for a different look. 

Wall Stickers for Kids Room:

One can select Aquire Large PVC Vinyl sticker with four blue birdies or a happy cute elephant monkey cartoon animals wall sticker for the kid's room. Any of these will simply bring a smile of joy and excitement to your kids’ faces. The self-adhesive material and strong glue keep them limited to just walls and away from the kids’ hands. 

Wall Stickers for Bedroom:

There is a wide range of wall stickers for the bedroom too. A 3D Acrylic Mirror wall sticker with Golden Flames adorning your bedroom wall will give a vibrant, positive vibe as soon as you wake up in the morning. You can also go for the heart shape Aquire large PVC vinyl sticker or even a branch flowers and cage sticker on one side of your bed to completely change the look and feel of your special room.  

You can also try a wall sticker tree. It gives a very soothing and calm effect to the area where it is stuck. One feels very serene and content just by looking at them. You can opt for a Beautiful Giant Large Tree or a Beautiful Large Purple Tree Birds Squirrel Rabbit which will give you a feel of a forest in the confines of your room. A Bamboo Tree with Rocks And Birds Jungle Scenery Wall stickers will also look nice and will take you close to nature.

All these and many more varieties of wall stickers tree can be ordered on Distacart conveniently. 

Wall Stickers Wallpaper:

If you are an art lover and like to keep changing the decor of your house, then wall stickers wallpaper is the best option for you. The wall stickers come in an amazing range of designs that are not very expensive, can be changed over a period of time, are self-adhesive, and require minimal effort. When adorned on the walls of your room, they change the entire feel and look of your room. These can be conveniently ordered online without going to the market. Just search for wall stickers online to get a design of your choice on Distacart. Good luck with decorating! 


1. Are Wall stickers good?

Yes, wall stickers are very good as they are removable. One can keep trying out a variety of designs to enhance the look of his or her room. They are just apt for short-life spaces such as kid's bedrooms, nurseries, or playrooms which have to be colorful, vibrant, and different all the time.  Distacart has an array of designs available. They can be delivered at almost all places across USA and Canada. 

2. Can you reuse wall stickers?

Wall stickers are generally made up of self-adhesive materials. Over a period of time, wall stickers may stick tightly to the walls and hence may lose their adhesive property or stickiness. Hence one may not be able to reuse the wall stickers again. 

3. How long do wall stickers last?

If you purchase a good quality wall sticker like something which is available on Distacart, it can last for at least three years or more. Ensure that the wall paint isn’t coming off due to any reason. Usually, they can last even longer but people prefer to change them as per the change in their mood over a period of time.  

4. What are wall stickers made of?

Wall stickers are made of very thin sheets of Vinyl with print on one side and adhesive on another side. Because of the glue on one side, these stick flat to walls and other surfaces without the use of nails and glue.

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