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Kesh King is an ayurvedic brand that launches hair care products that aim to provide ample nourishment to hair and to put any hair problems at bay. Products that kesh King offers are hair oil, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair Capsules, and hair rescue and repair shampoo that reduces hair fall, dandruff, and other hair-related problems. All kesh king products are 

Fda approved, Cruelty-free, Free from harmful chemicals, Paraben-free, Suitable for everyone. Suits every hair type and is infused with 21 ayurvedic herbs Such as manjistha, nagakesara, Bringhraj, Brahmi, lodhra, yasti, haritaki, bibhitaki, jatamansi, stualia, kola nagarmotha, henna, methi, Japa, karanji, mandukaparni, Curry Patta, gokshura, neem, and Tulasi

Hair Oil :

Kesh King hair oil is truly nurturing and is a formulation of ayurvedic herbs at equal and right amounts which improves hair health, resolves every hair problem, and suits every hair type. Kesh King hair oil is free from paraben and other harmful chemicals. It's time to give nourishment to your hair strands and the scalp as a part of your hair spa!

Kesh King Onion Oil:

Kesh King Ayurvedic Onion Hair Oil is uniquely blended with potent ingredients such as onions, bringhraj, methi, and jatamansi to restore the hair that has been losing frequently, to thicken your hair, hydrate the scalp, reduce dandruff, and revitalize your hair growth. It was made with the intention of fetching the backed science to resolve modern millennial hair problems

Benefits of Kesh King Onion Oil:

Reduces hair fall - The potent herbs present in kesh King Onion Oil helps restore the emptied hair cells to regrow your hair follicles thereby supporting in reducing the hair fall

Thickens the hair strands -Due to hair regrowth the hair starts to look volumized and super healthy thick and long hair may be your guarantee bet with kesh king goodness

Reduce or delay the premature hair greying: Non-Sticky, nongreasy hair is specially designed to reduce the chances of premature greying, for those who aren't ready to emit this hair greying admit it with kesh King onion hair oil

Hair Shampoo:

Hair Shampoos now comes with more than a cleansing purpose. Not only for washing but also to keep the hair problems at bay, the right product on hair can have beyond benefits. On the other hand, it feels like we authenticate what we use, with no harsh chemicals to deal with your hair now. Experience healthy hair showers with kesh King shampoos

Kesh King Scalp and Hair Medicine Anti-Hairfall Shampoo:

This is a perfect ayurvedic solution, a potent and Patented Hair Fall Controller. Treat the crown you wear everywhere with a wash that spells out the King of all hair problems-hair fall at risk. Experience the nurturing goodness of aloe vera, Kesh King Scalp, and Hair Medicine Anti-Hairfall Shampoo to combat dandruff, chronic scalp infections, hair fall, and other hair woes. No side effects are caused with these renowned methodologies incorporated Anti-Hairfall Shampoo from the house of kesh king

Benefits of Kesh King Scalp and Hair Medicine Anti-Hairfall shampoo:

Anti-Hair Fall:

The ayurvedic medicinal preparation of this shampoo helps in treating the hair fall problem and improves healthy hair growth the Aloe vera in this shampoo rejuvenates the scalp and helps in stimulating new hair cells 

Smooth & Silky Hair:

Aloe vera texture richness helps hair strands turn their texture rough patches to smooth and silky. Now a salon hair spa at home is possible ladies!

Reduce scalp infections:

Dry scalp, itchy scalp, frizzy scalp, dandruff scalp whatever maybe your scalp problems, kesh King medicinal herbs help in detoxifying the scalp dirt and grime and helps in revitalizing the deep layers of the scalp

Kesh King Ayurvedic Damage Repair Shampoo:

Damaged hair makes you look dull, the visible unpolished hair doesn’t look appealing and so you are said to be able to groom well. However Kesh king ayurvedic damage repair shampoo has a solution for your damaged hair, it redefines the hair and its texture with the goodness of 21 ayurvedic herbs and milk protein amalgamated in it. Reduces the damage that has been done to your hair by the pollution or any other chemicals your hair is supposed to be arrested with previously. Witness the amazing change after your very 1st wash with this rescue shampoo from kesh king

Benefits of Kesh King Ayurvedic Damage Repair Shampoo:

Repairs hair damage: 

Repairs and resolves the damage caused due to chemicals, heat, or pollution, nourishes and rejuvenates the scalp and the hair. Transforms your dry, dull, and rough hair into smooth, silky, and shiny hair

Reduces hair fall:

Witness the worth of using this shampoo, as it helps rescue hair from severe hair fall by utilizing the herbal goodness to a great extent. It is suitable for every hair type, it not only prevents fall but also hair breakage

Refill the life & enrichment:

Herbs present in this shampoo offers life and nourishing richness to hair and brings a kind of salon treatment on regular usage, you can harness well-groomed frizz-free smooth, shiny and silky hair

Hair Conditioner:

Conditioners are supposed to do a lot to our hair in terms of moisture lock, make it frizz-free, hydrate, nourish, cleanse dirt and dead skin. Ayurvedic conditioners from kesh king make it exceptional and help in solving many hair woes. The right formulation of the conditioner enriches the hair and makes it smooth and silky. Here is a chemical-free herbal hair conditioner from Kesh King

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner:

Herbal enriched and FDA approved non-comedogenic ayurvedic hair conditioner is infused with amla, neem, shikakai, Tulasi, and Bringhraj all these precious herbs not only help in finding smooth and frizz-free hair but also helps in hair growth. Perfect and beautiful hair is now yours with a mini home, hair spa. This conditioner reveals its benefits better when combined with kesh king shampoo frequently

Benefits of Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner:

Frizz-free Hair:

Okay, now the ultimate use of conditioner is to resolve Frizz and repair damaged hair. Deep the cleansing deeper the Enrichment deepest long-lasting outcomes

Hydrated & Healthy scalp:

Locks the moisture of the scalp and keeps it hydrated, relieves dryness and roughness. The natural fragrance of herbs and flowers enchants you even more

Maintains Hair health:

Reduces hair problems to a great possible extent on regular usage it helps improve, maintain hair and scalp health. Keeps scalp free from damage and helps in overall nourishment of it

Hair Capsules :

Cruelty-free hair Capsules are healthy, FDA approved vegan and organic capsules with no side effects. Complete solution from chronic hair and scalp problems. Protect and nourish your hair with extra care. 

Selected herbs are amalgamated to prepare a kind of sanjeevani for your hair overall health 

Kesh King Ayurvedic Capsule :

Patented potent Capsules are a complete supplement all your hair needs to get rid of premature greying, dandruff, split hairs, breakages, hair fall, sleeplessness and many other hair conditions. These healthy Capsules are good for every person in a family and every hair types

Benefits of Kesh King Ayurvedic Capsules:

Hair Regrowth :

Kesh King Capsules helps in hair regrowth, Brahmi, Bringhraj, amla present in these Capsules promotes and stimulates the growth of hair cells

Denser hair:

Long thick, voluminous hair is now your bet, these Capsules improves the blood circulation all over the scalp, turning life into new hair cells 

Resolves all Hair problems:

Treats dandruff, oily scalp, scalp infections, split hair, reduces hair fall and much more To a hair in less than 25 days of usage

Kesh King FAQ’s:

1. How to use kesh king ayurvedic Capsules?

Children can take one Capsule a day, and for adults two Capsules a day with water or milk

2. Does kesh king medicinal oil help in reducing hair fall?

Yes kesh king oil because of the natural herbs present in its oil helps improve hair growth and reduce hair fall.

3. How to use kesh king medicinal oil?

Remove the cap of the bottle, use the comb of the bottle directly on the scalp and squeeze the oil directly, cover the entire scalp, and use fingers, at last, to apply on the hair strands.

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