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Masala tea is one of India's most consumed types of tea because of its fresh aroma and fantastic taste. In addition to black tea, milk and water are boiled together with a mixture ofherbs and spices.

Masala tea and Herbal Tea is originated from South East Asia and is popular all over the world. They are famous not only because of their refreshing taste but also because of their medicinal properties. Masala tea also has several different variants, and they differ in taste, aroma, and medicinal benefits. It has less caffeine than coffee; hence it is safe to be consumed.

Many brands of masala tea are produced in India, and they are available around the globe now. You can also buy masala Tea Bags in different variants online from Distacart and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Masala Tea Variants:

Masala Tea Powder: Masala tea powder is the most widely used tea. It requires significantly less effort to prepare masala tea and get it ready to be consumed within five minutes. In addition, the brew time is short, and the flavour comes through quickly.Masala tea by Everest is an excellent old brand. Other amazing brands producing masala tea areThe Tea Trove,Wagh Bakri,Satv,Praakritik and Sunshine.

Masala Tea Stick:Masala tea sticks are a new way of making tea. First, it gets brewed by dipping the sticks in hot water, and later we can add sugar and milk as required.Twigs is a prestigious producer ofMasala tea sticks.

Masala Tea Bags: We all are aware of teabags.Masala Tea bags are as good as tea powder as they give the same flavour. Masala Teabags by Satv are a popular choice.

Masala Tea FAQ’s:

1. Is Masala Tea good for weight loss?

Masala Tea boosts the digestion process, improves metabolism, and helps in weight loss. It works the best for weight loss when consumed, as it is without sugar and milk.

2. Will consuming masala tea disturb my sleep?

Even though Masala Tea contains caffeine, its proportion is very low and is not powerful enough to disturb sleep.

3. Is it reasonable to drink masala tea every day?

Masala Tea contains too many good ingredients such as clove, cinnamon and cardamom, which help better digestion. Hence, consuming masala tea every day is good for your health.

4. When is the best time to drink Masala Tea?

The best time to drink Masala Tea is during the morning as it is that time when your body needs caffeine to help you wake up.

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