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Indian Necklace - The Quintessential Beauty Symbol

While good clothes make you look beautiful, colorful and intricate jewelry adds more appeal and oomph to your look. Indian Jewelry works wonders in such a case. There is no dearth of choice when it comes to buying Indian Jewelry online.

There is a wide range of necklaces to explore - from the long bead necklaces, to thread necklaces, to layered necklaces. Modern and contemporary designs use gemstones and pearls. The designs vary from traditional and modern to stylish and simple. These can be used by anyone who has a flair for style and fashion. They go well with modern, traditional and casual look too. 

Try out from the following to look your style best: 

Necklace Sets

If you are one of those who always like to look elegant and prefer wearing all things matching then you should opt from the various necklace sets that the site offers. It brings to you a very wide range from stone necklace sets to kundan work and gold-plated ones. These look both traditional and contemporary. Some of the most-opted ones are Green stone necklace set with maang tika, blue color elegant necklace set with earrings, gold-plated designer necklace set with earrings and maang tika. These look just so beautiful and enthralling when adorned with Indian attire that you can’t resist the temptation of buying just one. For those who are fans of Indian jewelry and would love to try out on one of their special occasions then go for sets with maang tika, it will instantaneously give you that unique look. 

Choker Sets

Choker sets are a favorite of those who love to look elite and royal. You usually get to see maharanis or high-esteemed ladies wearing these in mythological films. Some such elegant and intricate options are available on Distacart too. Try out multicolored gorgeous enameling choker necklace set or turquoise blue thread chain necklace which looks very similar to a choker necklace yet maintains the elegance of a contemporary neck piece. Opt for beaded ones if you like modern or crystal work neck pieces if you are fond of intricate and delicate work. 

Mangalsutra with Earrings:

Mangalsutra is one thing which never goes out-dated for Indian ladies. Nowadays, with its intricate and interesting work, it is becoming international too. Many western ladies prefer to wear it these days. In case, you are one of them who wishes to try it as a symbol of love, then go for metal designer gold-plated mangalsutra with earrings displayed on Distacart or a beautiful American diamond gold-plated mangalsutra with earrings. 

Threaded Necklace Set:

Threaded necklace is very modern yet stylish type of Jewelry which is an instant hit with young and old alike. The supremely beautiful Green And Gold Silk Threaded Necklace Set with Earrings And Maang Tikka is available in Threaded necklaces section of Distacart. It will complete your traditional look and will also give an edge to you over others.

The list does not end here. There is so much to offer on the site. The kundan sets with intricate designs, the beaded ones and the American diamond sets which are becoming a rage these days. Try out combos which offer more than one sets to try on your various looks and see what works you the most. 

In case you are in a country like USA or Canada, then you may not find them easily in stores but then nothing to feel disheartened about. Distacart brings these Indian Necklaces easily at your doorsteps.All you need to do is place an order for Indian necklace on Distacart so that you look your best among your friends and family. 


1. How can I order Indian necklaces online?

You can order Indian necklaces online at best price only on Distacart.

2. Are Indian Necklaces safe to use?

Absolutely! These products are made from pure metals, go through lot of stringent check tests. They are very light and friendly on your skin.

3.Is there any instruction booklet about the maintenance?

Yes, each product comes with a neat packing. You can check the materials with which the necklaces are made. It also guides you about maintaining the necklace set. 

4. Is there any warranty on the products?

No warranty on these products. If the product is damaged in the transit you can get a replacement for the same.

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