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A Tawa is an essential part of an Indian Kitchen. It is a flat iron grill used to make many types of flatbreads, either leavened or unleavened. They are available in different sizes for different people's liking, usually starting from 8 inches and can be up to 12 inches in diameter. Sometimes, it can also go up to a meter in professional or bulk kitchens.

There are different types of Tawas; the most commonly used is a roti tawa which makes the Indian flatbreads very soft out of a sticky dough. They are non-stick in nature and help in the easy making of a flatbread. 

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Branded Tawas:

Tawas are classified into different types based on the metal used, size and purpose. Some of them are listed below:

Non-stick Tawa: It is the most widely usedtawa as the flatbread does not stick to the bottom. It benefitshealth-conscious people as it requires significantly less oil or butter. The brands withgood quality non-stick Tawas areHawkins,Mitticool andPrestige.

Stainless Steel Tawa: As the name suggests, this material is the one that does not catch rust. It is made from a blend of iron, carbon, nickel and chromium.Hawkins is a well-known producer of stainless steel tawas.

Pure iron Tawa: This was the first-ever kind of Tawa. It is highly durable and is heavy. In addition, it has several features like it is easy to clean, the design is elite, and it heats up quickly.

Flat Base Tawas: These kinds of Tawas can be used on induction and have a flat base. They also have a rim and can be used to make dosa.


1. What kind of flatbreads or snacks can I cook on a Tawa?

You can cook a variety of staples like Roti, Phulka, Dosa, paratha or even snacks like cutlets, eggs and many more.

2. Can I use any kind of Tawa on an induction?

No, you cannot use any Tawa on induction because some have a concave base. Only tawas with a flat base can be used to help it stay still.

3. What size of Tawa is ideal for a home kitchen?

The most widely used size of tawa for a home kitchen is 26 cm in diameter or 30 cm in diameter.

4. Is there a standard thickness for all tawas?

No, tawas with different materials have a different thickness as the heating point of every material varies from one another.

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