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Wear the Best Sunscreen: A Primer for a Real Shine

Exposure to the sun plays a pivotal role in the overall health and wellbeing of all organisms. Basking in those rays will ward off all illnesses and make the bones stronger. But too much exposure can cause many dreadful effects on the skin. Skin tans because sunlight stimulates melanocytes present in the skin to produce more melanin and makes the skin darker. One cannot understand the beauty of youth until that has faded. Everyone is blessed with good skin as a protective sheath, but it would be paramount if it is fair. Beauty routines ultimately give us a chance to notice changes within us. Generally, the ultraviolet rays emitted by the Sun are one of the natural causes causing damage to the skin. One of the most obvious and notable solutions for great skin is sunscreen which protects skin against the harmful radiation of the Sun. Sunscreens are highly efficient in reducing the penetration of broad-spectrum UV rays released by the Sun into the skin. People may think that wearing sunscreen is a hassle task, but nowadays sunscreens are designed with water-resistant, sticky nature with enriched minerals as SPF (Sun Protection Factor) options. The sunscreens with higher SPF more efficiently will protect the skin against UV rays.

Benefits of Sunscreens: 

Sunscreen is generally considered sunblock. It is a photoprotective product formulated for the skin that can absorb or reflect the UV rays discharged by Sun. Sunscreens give protection from sunburns and Skin Cancer. Sunscreens are most potent in preventing the early onset of wrinkles, broken blood vessels, DNA damage, Sunspots on the skin, and premature aging. Sunscreens can avoid blotchy skin and hyperpigmentation. Ultimately these sunscreens maintain healthy skin overall.

Sunscreen Products:

Generally, sunscreens are of two types – mineral sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Both of them have different mechanisms for filtering UV rays and protecting the skin from adverse effects caused by sun rays. In the present scenario, the sunscreens are available in the form of lotions, sprays, creams, gels, foams, sticks, and powders in the market.

Best Sunscreens:

Many varieties of sunscreens are available on the market. Apart from the visible spectrum Sun releases UVA and UVB rays which can damage the health and beauty of the skin.  A broad-spectrum sunscreen can help in the protection of skin from burnings, signs of aging, and skin cancers. The best sunscreen must have broad-spectrum SPF (25- 30), which can block around 97 % of UV radiation released by the Sun. The formulation and active ingredients present in sunscreen will be one of the important parameters to select the best natural sunscreen. The best sunscreens for the face must be with water resistance (to withstand sweaty days or time spent swimming - more on that in a second).

Best Sunscreens for Face and Body:

Just like the face, the whole body (chest, arms, back, and legs) need to be protected from Damaging Sunrays. Irrespective of season and time A shot glass worth of sunscreen is highly necessary to apply to the entire body. For the best body sunscreen routine, finding a decent sunscreen is a vital challenge. Different products like sprays and moisturizers with sunscreens are available in the market. Being the protective ingredients are almost the same, one can use the same sunscreen on the body as well as the face. These moisturizers with sunscreen combinations which include skin- hydration (hyaluronic acid) and qualitative minerals are recommended for sensitive skins.

Sunscreen For Oily Skin:

Finding a suitable SPF option for oily skin is distinct. Oily skin tonners need a non-pore clogging and mattifying sunscreen which protects skin from carcinogenic UVA and UVB rays and the formation of an oil slick on the face.  People with oily skin need to opt for powder or gel-based sunscreens. Sunscreens with oil and another chemical which could clog pores are not at all suggested for oily skins. Oily skins need toner from the extra cleansing effect after wearing makeup or heavy skin products used as sunscreen. The water-based sunscreens give a cooling experience to oily skin. The hydrating nature helps in blocking these oils from clogging pores.

Sunscreen for Dry Skin:

Dry skin tonners may use greasy and slippery emollients which moisturize the skin to soothe and hydrate. The sunscreen either lotions or creams with broad-spectrum formulas rated more than 45 are highly preferable. The most critical step in the skincare routine is a selection of suitable sunscreen. Rain or shine, the sunscreens have become vital in everyday life. Usage of sunscreen on the whole body is a multitasking step that one cannot skip. The regular use of broad-spectrum sunscreen in combination with other sun protectors (sunglasses, sun hats, and SPF-rated clothing) will defend skin from early aging, and the formation of fine lines with uneven skin tone. The sunscreens which are loaded with additional potent antioxidants and other beneficial components are very important for people with dry skin. The non-fragrant oils from different flora, fruit butter, and skin-restoring agents (ceramides and peptides) add suppleness to the skin. The skin recovery moisturizing lotions can hydrate parched skin and help to improve overall skin health. 

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