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Unani medicines are also called Arabian medicines, a traditional system for health maintenance or healing. These natural medicines are considered to be more effective than the other medicines. The Unani system has more than 2000 medicines that have been derived from herbal, mineral, and animal sources. You can find the best Unani medicines online for almost all kinds of diseases.

The basic theory of Unani medication is based on the Hippocrates theory. These products provide treatment for all kinds of diseases that are related to the body organs and system. Accordingly, the medication comes in different forms like tablets, syrups, oils, powders, etc.

Unani Tonics/Syrups

Unani tonic or syrup is a solution made from natural substances. It can be used daily as a health tonic or for some other specific cure. Different types of tonics can be used for different purposes; some of them are

Multivitamin syrups: A multivitamin syrup or tonic is a medicine that is used as a supplement for vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. These medicines are primarily used in poor diet, illness, or pregnancy conditions. There are several benefits of using multivitamin syrups. For example, you will have increased energy levels, reduced stress, and anxiety, good muscle health, etc. Buy Unani multivitamin syrups online for building and maintaining your vitamin levels for good health.

Blood purifying tonics: When you take any medicine for blood purification, it naturally clears toxins from the body and helps maintain good health. As blood plays a vital role in our body, it is necessary to purify it as it keeps our body functioning and prevents diseases. Apart from this, blood purifying syrups give a natural glow to your skin and cure skin ailments like pimples, acne, etc. Hamdard brand provides the best blood purifying tonics to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Liver health syrups: Unani liver syrup mainly concentrates on improving the liver and aims to keep it healthy for a long time. These tonics ensure the ideal functioning of the liver and protect it from harmful toxins such as drugs, alcohol, etc. It also helps in good digestion and improves appetite. The Hamdard brand can provide tonics that will provide you with the best Unani medication.


Tablets are a solid form of medical dosage which has a mixture of substances. They are usually in powder form and are pressed together into a solid tablet. Tablets or pills serve different purposes, such as:

Calcium tablets: As we all know, calcium is an essential mineral in our body that helps in teeth and bone formation. Having proper calcium levels at every age is necessary hence calcium tablets are essential. They can be used in cases where there is a calcium deficiency and disorder of teeth and bones. They will help restore the lost calcium levels in the body and keep your bones and teeth strong.

Brain disease tablets: A brain disease Unani tablet is primarily used to treat chronic headaches, epilepsy, and other brain diseases. Apart from all this, it keeps the brain safe from other toxic substances. You can buy Unani tablets online to cure almost all kinds of diseases related to the brain.

Pain relief tablets: Pain relief tablets for joints and gout are available online on Distacart. These Unani tablets are a mixture of several herbal plants and can be used for arthritis, joint pains, backache, sciatica, and rheumatism. In addition, brands like Hamdard can provide you with the best Unani pain relief tablets online.

Cold cough tablets: Every ordinary person experiences cold and cough frequently due to increased pollution and germs in the atmosphere; therefore, having cold and cough tables at home has become mandatory. In addition, Unani brands like Hamdard provide cold and cough tablets online, which can also treat other diseases like sore throat and bronchitis.

Unani Products FAQ’s:

1. What is the aim of the Unani system?

The primary purpose of Unani medicines is to create medication with natural substances and cure the body's disease. The use of natural substances makes it more effective than other synthetic medicines.

2. Do Unani products have side effects?

Unani medicines have the most minimal side effects compared to other synthetic medicines. Their only aim is to cure the body with the help of natural herbs and plants.

3. Where did Unani originate from?

The Unani system originated in Greece, and Hippocrates laid its foundation.

4. How are Unani medicines made?

Like other traditional methods, Unani medicines are made from herbs and plants. The process includes finding the particular herb needed for the particular ailment and then mixing it with other herbal medicines to form the desired medication.

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