Aluminium Urli/Handi, Cookware, Serveware , Food Storage With Lid

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Stainless Steel Silver Urli/Handi, Cookware, Serveware , Food Storage Set With Lid, 4 Pieces with lids


A stainless steel silver urli is a common utensil at Indian households. Available in different capacities, these are the most used steel utensils for serving and storing cooked food. Urli is also called handi at different states of India. 

Colour: Silver.

Dishwasher safe: Yes.

Compatible on: Gas stoves.

Body material: Stainless steel.

Shape: Round with a curved bottom.

Uses: Store and serve Indian cuisine like dal, roti or sabji. It can be used to float candles and flowers. It can be also used to stir fry and sauté dishes. 

Package content: 4 stainless steel urli with 4 lids.

Weight: Small- 0.49kg; Medium- 0.60kg; Large- 0.705kg; Extra Large- 0.95kg.

Dimensions: Small- 3*8.5*8.5 inch; Medium- 3.5*9.5*9.5 inch; Large- 10*10*4 inch; Extra Large: 12*12*5 inch.


This set of stainless steel urli can meet both small and large food storage and serving requirements. While the small urli can be used to store kheer and chutney, the larger ones are ideal for rice and curry. This set is 

• Made with premium quality stainless steel.

• Food grade, which means that the food does not react with the material.

• Comes with a mirror finish and so it is ideal to be sent as a gift item.

• Easy to wash and clean. Keeps shining for long time. 

Maintenance & Care 

The stainless steel urli stays shining and usable for long time if

• The set is cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water.

• Use sponge to clean the utensils so that there are no scratches.

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