Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati

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Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati, Improves Digestive Power, 100% Herbal, 80 Tablets

Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati is an ancient Ayurvedic formulation. Baidyanath presents this ancient herbal medicine in modern form of tablet. Chitrakadi Bati is mainly known to reduce the AMA toxins in the body.

Form: Capsules 

Type: Digestive capsule 

Gender: Both men and women 

Suitable for: Adults

Package content: 80 tablets in an airtight jar 


Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati is an all- natural herbal potent. This medicine is considered as a part of Panchakarma. The key content of this herbal potent are

• Hing

• Vida salt

• Rock salt

• Black salt

• Black pepper

• Lemon juice

• Ginger (root)

• Common salt

• Audbhida salt

• Chitraka (root)

• Ajamoda (fruit)

• Long pepper fruit 

• Java Long Pepper

• Long pepper root (root)

• Yava Kshara (dried panchag of Yava or barley)

• Swarjika Kshara (parts of plants grown in sodium rich soil)


Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati comes with multiple health benefits. It is known to offer relief from the following health issues.

• Colic

• Bloating

• Anorexia

• Flatulence

• Amoebiasis

• Malabsorption 

• Loss of appetite 

• Balance tridosha

• Digestive disorders

• Reduce excess body fat 

• Enable proper functioning of pitta


Baidyanath is a well known brand in the market of herbal wellness and food products. The company was established in 1917. Since then, it has been known for its high end products. The company is known to manufacture all its food products under safe and hygienic environment. It is a pioneer in combining modern technology with thousands of years old Ayurveda. Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati 

• Is 100% vegetarian 

• Is made with best quality ingredients 

• Comes with a long shelf life of 24 months 


Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati should be consumed after consulting a physician. Generally this herbal potent is consumed following the below tips.

• Have 2-4 tablets in a day 

• Have the medicine 2 times in a day

• The medicine should be taken orally

• Should be consumed before or after meals

• Consume the medicine with water or lukewarm milk


Baidyanath Chitrakadi Bati stays fresh and edible for long if the below tips are followed.

• Store at a cool and dry place 

• Keep in an airtight container 


• Keep away from children 

• Do not expose to direct sunlight 

• Do not exceed the recommended dose 

• As Chitrakadi Bati contains salt, high blood pressure patients should consume it after consulting a physician

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