Black Metal Radha Krishna Idol

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Black Metal Radha Krishna Idol: Perfect Valentine Day Gift, Ready for Worship, 3.64 kgs, 1 Piece


The idol of Lord Krishna with his beloved Devi Radha is a significant piece for worship as per Hindu beliefs. The detailed artwork with neatly defined details of the idol, the crown, the dress, the posture and jewellery seem to bring life to the idol and also makes worshipping the Lord a wholesome experience.

• The idol weighs 3.64 kg.

• The dimensions are 60*40*5 cm.

• The idol is carved out of oxidised copper and aluminium.

• The idol is adorned with an artificial garland comprising of yellow and red flowers.

• The idol is a set of Lord Krishna and Radha in a dancing pose.


The idol of Lord Krishna and Radha depicts the eternal bond of love. Hence it is an ideal gift for your partner on Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, it can also be gifted on auspicious occasions like Janmasthami, Radhasthami, Holi etc.

• The black shine and glaze of the idol does not fade away with time, and is attributable to high graded metal make.

• The idol can be both worshipped at home regularly and placed in commercial spaces/ offices for enhancing the décor.

• This piece is also considered good for the vaastu of the home, hotel or office. 

• The idol is built on a raised platform which adds height and support at the base. 

Maintenance & Care

Retain the shine and new look of the idol for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Keep the dust particles away by cleaning the idol with a clean dry cloth regularly.

• It is advisable to keep water away from the idol.


• Worship the divine duo of Radha-Krishna with yellow flowers and a single basil leaf may keep marital issues away.

• It is considered that singles seeking for a partner should worship this couple deity. 

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