Lotus Oil lamp Stand(Single Piece)/Kalavpuvvu shape deepam stand(Single Piece)

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Lotus oil lampstand (one piece)/ Kalavapuvvu shape deepam stand, Made with Pure Brass, Exquisite Golden Shine, Special Diwali Gift, 0.67 kg, 18*11*11 cm, 1 Piece

Indian households are known to light up oil lamps regularly for worship. Oil lamps symbolize the significance and divinity of fire. To establish the Kalavapuvvu shaped deepam stand in your household to make your pooja a divine experience. This oil lamp

• Is made with brass.

• Weighs 46 grams.

• Comes with 18*11*11 dimensions.

• It is a lotus-shaped oil lamp, which adds to the aesthetic aura. 


Not only in households but in temples and commercial spaces also this oil lamp can add to the aesthetic aura. The lotus has been associated with Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Lakshmi and Saraswati which makes it remarkably significant as per Hindu mythology.

• The use of pure brass gives a long-lasting shine to the oil lamp.

• The steady and sturdy built of the lamp makes it durable.

• The lotus petals are carved to perfection with a seamless design.

• The lotus-shaped oil lamp has been designed such that the flame remains within the brass item itself. There is a negligible chance of fire spreading out.

• The base of the oil lamp is round and flat at the bottom which provides support to the oil lamp such that it stands firm.

• It is ideal for gifting loved ones during auspicious occasions like Diwali, housewarming parties or for regular aarthi.

• Personalized gift messaging options are also available.

• The delivery period is quite short.

Maintenance & Care

The lotus-shaped oil lamp can be kept shiny and durable for a long time by following the below tips.

• Remove the burnt wicks residue once the ritual is completed, so that they don’t leave any patch.

• Clean with dry cloth regularly to keep away dust particles.

• You may use lemon juice and baking soda to clean the brass oil lamp once in a while. 

• Make sure you wash the grease off well and rinse clean immediately after the use.

• Do not use detergent powder, since it will make the surface rough and fade away the shine.

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