Brass Pooja Diya/Lamp Stand (Small Size) / Deepam Stand (Small Size)

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Brass Pooja Diya/Lamp Stand (Small Size) / Deepam Stand (Small Size): 5 Faced Oil Lamp, Made with Brass, Perfect Diwali Gift, 5 grams, 1 Piece


In Hindu mythology oil lamps or diya play a very significant role. It is not only used to drive away the darkness but also spread the glory of happiness and prosperity. Now this small size pooja diya is available at your doorstep. This pooja diya 

• Is made from brass.

• It has 5 spaces for oil diyas.

• This lamp’s weight is only 0.05 kg.

• At the top of the lamp there are two small holes. By using wires it can be hanged as well.


Be it any inauguration ceremony or any pooja occasion of home, without this sacred item it’s incomplete. It is an ideal gift for your friends and family on Diwali. This oil lamp can also be used as a decorative item.

• The diya is light weight and can be help in hand for a long time.

• The use of high quality brass gives it a perfect shine.

• The strong and sturdy built of the oil lamp gives it a durability.

• This Diya has enough space for storing oil which helps to burn the wick for a long time.

• The blunt edges of the oil lamp ensure that the hands are not hurt.

• It comes with a gift packaging option and can be send to your close ones directly.

• This gift packaging has also the option of attaching special messages for your special one.

Maintenance & care

By following few very simple steps retain the glow of the oil lamp for a long time.

• Remove the remaining oil and wicks after every use.

• Try to clean it with vinegar, salt and flour; to remove the grease.

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