Crystal(Alum & Quartz) 108 Beads Chain / Spatika 108 Pusalu Mala

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Crystal (Alum & Quartz) 108 Beads Chain / Spatika 108 Pusalu Mala: Made with 100% Original A Divine Mala, 4 grams, 1 Piece


Crystal chain, also known as Spatika Mala has been suggested by the Pandits and astrologers to be beneficial in various ways. It adds to the divinity and completes the worship towards the deity.

• The Spatika Pusalu Mala or the crystal chain comprises of 108 crystal beads.

• All the beads are 100% original and made from high quality alum and quartz.

• These are available in small, medium and big sizes.

• These crystal beads are natural.

• It weighs 0.04 kg.


The crystal beads tied into a chain is known to combat severe health issues, Pandits suggest these bring positivity in the household with their reflection to light features. 

• Since the crystals are absolutely natural and are carved from genuine quartz and alum, the shine and lustre remains intact throughout the year.

• The crystals are tied together using a string thread which means they do not fall apart.

• Astrologers suggest wearing them or placing them in the auspicious north-eastern direction in the Pooja Ghar to remove the negative influences.

• Also, if an individual is enchanting any oracles or names of a deity, they can maintain their counts with the help of these crystal beads.

• These are known to improve consciousness and nourish the mental health of an individual, calms the body and improves concentration.

• The crystals used are clear, round and neatly defined.

• These are ideal for gifts during auspicious occasions like Navratri, Diwali, Guru Purnima etc.

• These can be sent directly to the recipient’s address within a short delivery time.

• Personalised gift messaging options are also available.

Maintenance & Care

Keep using this divine Spatika chain for a long time by following the below tips.

• Keep the Spatik Mala enclosed in a cloth when not using.

• Do not use detergent powder, instead clean it gently with milk and water.


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