Monkeypod Green Chilli Pickle / Seema Chintakaya Pickle

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Monkeypod Green Chilli  Pickle / Seema Chintakaya Pickle, Made with best quality tamarind and green chillies, 100% vegetarian, Available in 250gm- 2kg Packets

Monkeypod green chilli pickle is another sumptuous pickle variety available in India. This is a North Indian pickle recipe which can be served with rice, chapati, dosa and paranthas.


Monkeypod green chilli pickle can bring a twist to any humble meal. This lip-smacking seema chintakaya achaar is made with 

• Salt

• Turmeric

• Green chillies

• Monkey pods

• Mustard seeds

• Fenugreek seeds 

• Red chilli powder 

• Edible vegetable oil 



A unique blend of tangy tamarind and heated green chillies, monkeypod green chilli pickle can be served on any special occasion or gatherings. This pickle is

• Has a shelf life of 3 months.

• Devoid of any preservatives or artificial colours.

• Made with farm-fresh tamarind and green chillies.

• 100% vegetarian and can be served on any festivity.

• Available in small, medium and large packets.


This pickle recipe can be kept fresh and tasty for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Store in an airtight container.

• Keep it at a cool and dry place.

• Use a dry spoon to scoop out the pickle.

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Sumptuous preparation…my whole family just loves this pickle.

Tamarind and green chillies, this pickle contains two of my favourite food items. Hot, mouth melting taste, green chilli pickle also looks attractively colourful.