Flower Garland / Maala (Medium size)

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Flower Garland / Maala (Medium size): Artificial Garland, Multipurpose Flower Set, Made with Yellow and Red Flowers, 16 grams, 30 Flowers, 3 Feet in Height


This flower garland is brightly coloured and exquisite in looks. When it is not possible for you to get fresh flowered garlands every day it is best to try out this natural looking flower garland. The garland is

• There are 30 flowers in the garland.

• The maala is 3 to 3.5 feet in length.

• There are knots at each end of the garland.

• This artificial maala is made with fibre petals.

• There are green leaves attached in between the set of flowers.

• The garland is medium in size and can be used to adorn deities of medium size.

• Made from yellow and red coloured petals; red appearing at the top, bottom and middle of the garland.


This maala can be used to adorn deities, houses, commercial spaces. This beautiful garland is so special and attractive because of the following reasons.

• The garland is made with fluffy flowers and thus it decorates the deity perfectly.

• The combination of red and yellow is considered as an ideal match for any Indian pooja or festivity.

• The flowers are made with high quality fibre petals for which the shine and new look of the garland is retained for a long time.

• The flowers are tied strongly and thus there is no chances of the flowers easily falling off.

• The garland is light in weight and hence does not appear heavy on idols.

Maintenance & Care 

Retain the new look and glaze of the garland for a long time span by

• Cleaning it with water after use.

• Gently rub the flowers to bring the fluffiness in the garland.

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