Fry Pan Hard Anodised Size-12

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Fry Pan Hard Anodised Size-12, Less Stains & Burns, Made with Premium Aluminium, 2.68kg

This hard anodised frying pan is an integral part of any Indian kitchen.

Colour: Black.

Compatibility: Gas stoves.

Shape: Round with a flat bottom.

Material: Aluminium; hard anodised.

Uses: Fry omelette, prepare noodles, heat spice, melt butter, prepare paranthas.

Content: 1 Piece hard anodised size-12 pan with attached handles. 


This hard anodised frying pan is perfect for cooking multiple dishes quick, fast and crisper.

• It is made with premium quality aluminium.

• The high-grade metal does not react with the food.

• It prevents excess stains and burns which are caused due to cooking.

• It runs for a long time and does not get easily spoilt by heat.

• The round shape of the frying pan gives it an extra height. For this reason, there is less spilling of food when stirring.

• The handles are metallic with a high-grade plastic cover. So it is easy to hold the pan even when hot.

Maintenance & Care

Keep this hard anodised frying pan clean and shining for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Use warm soapy water.

• Rinse thoroughly in the water.

• Use baking soda to clean the stains.

• The hard anodised cleaner can retain the lustre of the frying pan.

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