Kalpana Tea Spoons (12 piece)

Genie India

Kalpana Tea Spoons (12piece), Beautifully embossed, Made with Premium Quality Stainless Steel, 1.5*2.5*6.5 inch


Kalpana Food spoons are immensely popular these days. This set is best to have food on the go. Maintain hygiene by having food with these food spoons. The beautifully embossed spoon set also adds beauty to the dining table. This flatware from Kalpana is big sized.

Colour: Silver.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes.

Material: Stainless steel.

Dimensions: 1.5*2.5*6.5 inch.

Package Content: 12 pieces of food spoon.

Uses: Serving dishes, having food and medicine.


This stainless steel table cutlery will easily impress the guests. The classic shape and modern look of the spoons make these ideal for serving different types of food. These food spoons are

• Easy to clean.

• Mirror finished.

• Stays rust free for a long time span.

• Durable and unbreakable for long time.

• Handcrafted and designed. Have a royal look.

• Made with premium quality stainless steel.

Maintenance & Care 

Keep the Kalpana food spoons shining and usable for a long time by following the below tips.

• Do not soak in water for long.

• Clean with a mild detergent/ soap.

• Keep away from aluminium utensils. Aluminium emits chlorine. This chemical leads to discolouration of stainless steel.

Customer Reviews

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Sturdy spoons

I keep losing spoons in my home and some of them are worn due to regular use. These spoons look sturdy and strong. I hope they last, just like the previous ones I purchased of the same brand