Kondapalli Colorful Ambari Elephant

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Kondapalli Ambari Traditional Elephant with frame (Small Size) Normal, 100% authentic from the hills of Kondapalli, Made with Soft Wood, Andhra Special, Handmade Birthday Gift, 5*2*7 inch




The Kondapalli Ambari elephant is another world famous toy from the hills of Andhra Pradesh. Ambari means elephant ride and present a royal aspect of South India. These toys are also used at festivities like Sankranthi and Navratri.

• The toys are made with Punki or Tella Poniki wood which is a kind of soft wood available in the surrounding forests of Kondapalli.

• The elephant is painted in black and embellished with gold painted jewellery and bright green printed designs. The long white teeth give a real look to the statue.

• There are two human figurines, one driving the elephant and the other enjoying the ride.

• The king is seen seated within a well decorated frame.




The age of Kondapalli toys date back to 400 years. These toys are part of traditional storytelling culture of the state. These toys are epitome of Indian aesthetics, enhancing the look of your living room.

• Finely handcrafted which gives a lively touch to the toy.

• This art piece serves as a great décor for both home and office.

• Made with natural colours, this toy is not hazardous for kids. Oil and water colours are used to paint the toys; the paint brushes are made with goat hair.

• The corners are trimmed and softened.  There are no sharp edges which might hurt kids.

• It is a completely environment friendly product. There is no use of artificial dyes in this toy; vegetable dyes are used. Even the glue with which the different parts are attached is made with crushed tamarind seeds.


Maintenance & Care


This Ambari statue is perfectly polished and crafted with finesses. Retain this shine for a long time by

• Keep away from water.

• Clean with a soft, dry cloth.

• Might break if it falls from a considerable altitude.


Product Information:


Sizes: 5 X 2 X 7 IN  or  13 X 5 X 18 CM

Actual weight - 0.4 Kg, Volumetric weight - 19X11X24/5000 =1kg (Inclusive of packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.


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