Kutni Pure Brass (Small)

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Kutni Pure Brass (Small), Traditional Mortar & Pestle, Made with High Quality Brass, 3.5*3.5*3 inch, 0.92kg

A pure brass kutni is a vintage piece of kitchen accessory. This brass made mortar and pestle is an integral part of traditional Indian kitchens. This kitchen tool is also called ‘hamam dasta.’ 

Colour: Golden.

Weight: 0.92 kilos.

Shape: Small bucket.

Material: Pure Brass.

Pestle Height: 14 cms.

Mortar Dimensions: 3.5*3.5*3 inches.

Package Content: 1 mortar and 1 pestle.

Uses: Grind whole masala into powdered spices. Grind saffron threads and sugar cubes. Grind herbs to prepare Ayurvedic medicine. It can be used to prepare sauce, paste, and purée.


This pure brass kutni ensures that the original taste of spices and ingredients are maintained. Use this brass mortar & pestle to get the original aroma and taste of freshly grounded spices. The taste of freshly grounded masala is far better than the packed powdered ones. This brass kutni can be an ideal gift item to people who love cooking. This brass kutni is

• Easy to clean.

• Made with high-grade brass.

• Retains the lustre for a long time.

• Handles on both sides. This makes holding the kutni easier.

• Stays rust-free and unbreakable for a long time.

• Can be gift wrapped. Delivery to the recipient address with a personalized message.

Why use a brass mortar & pestle?

In the modern times of mixer and grinders, this vintage brass kutni still maintains its popularity. The primary reasons why a pure brass made kutni is so popular because these are

• Easy to clean.

• Handmade curio.

• Retains shine for long time.

• Works faster than a knife to crush nuts.

• Brass kutni is strong, inert and heavy. For this reason, it creates a perfect compound.

• Can be gift wrapped. It can be directly sent to the recipient's address.

How to use it?

This brass mortar and pestle can be used to crush, pound, powderise, liquefy, mash, mix and compound herbs and food products.

• Place the ingredients in the pestle.

• Go around the pestle using the mortar. This will help to gather the ingredients which have collected at the side of the pestle. Push these down in the middle and grind again till the desired result is achieved.

Maintenance & Care 

Retain the shine and new look of the brass kutni for a long time by following the below tips.

• Rub with lemon juice or baking soda.

• Thoroughly rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

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Good quality and light weight

This mortar pestle is small in size, so easy to use. I can use it to grind cumin, pepper corns and other whole spices.