Lord Ganesha Gun Metal - Lord Ganapathi Black Metal Idol

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Lord Ganesha Gun Metal Idol/ Lord Ganapathi Black Metal Idol, Ideal Gift on Indian Festivities, Housewarming Parties, Symbol of Peace & Prosperity, 4.60 kg, 1 Piece

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the harbinger of success, wealth and prosperity. The idol of Ganesha is worshipped in possibly every Indian household for the well-being of the family. To establish the brass idol of Lord Ganesha to add to the aesthetic and festive elegance.

• It is carved from high graded brass which makes it durable and retains the shine throughout the years. It comes polished with a blackish tinge which gives a dark metallic hue to the idol.

• It weighs about 4.60 kg.

• The idol depicts Lord Ganesha in his blessing posture seated on a raised platform. 


The idol is also considered beneficial for Vaastu and needs to be placed in the auspicious northeastern corner of the room.

• The idol comes carved with jewelry, crown, and garland. 

• The idol looks absolutely polished with detailed patterns at the crown and the base of the platform. 

• The raised platform adds support and balance to the idol so that it stands firm.

• It is ideal for a gift to loved ones during auspicious occasions and family celebrations.

• It can be placed in the pooja ghar at residences, commercial spaces or at temples.

• It can be sent directly to the recipient’s address.

• Personalized gift messaging options are available.

• The delivery time is short.

Maintenance & Care

Retain the shine and new look for Lord Ganesha for a long time span by following the below guidelines.

• Wipe clean the idol with sift cotton cloth regularly to keep away dust particles.

• Use lemon juice or vinegar to clean this idol.

• You may also use mild soap and lukewarm water, but do not use detergents as it makes the surface rough and fades the glaze away.


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