Stainless Steel Soup Bowls- Sweet Bowls- 3 Pc


Stainless Steel Soup Bowls- Sweet Bowls- 3 Pc, Made with premium quality steel, Scratch resistant, Big/ Medium/ Small Bowl Set


This stainless steel soup bowls are available in 3 different sizes. Also called katori, this soup bowl set is an integral part of Indian kitchen. Enhance the beauty of dining table with this set of high polish bowl set.

Shape: Oval.

Colour: Silver.

Material: Stainless steel.

Pack Content: Buyers can either select 

Big: 8 pieces. 

Small: 12 pieces.

Medium: 11 pieces.

Dimensions: Big: 4.5*2.5. Medium: 3*2 inch. Small: 3*1.5 inch.

Use: Multipurpose. It is used to serve sweets, cure, salad, desert, vegetables and soup.


These stainless steel soup bowls are made with premium grade metal. This bowl set is a perfect gift on rice ceremonies, birthdays and anniversaries. Refresh your kitchen look with this spectacular set of soup bowls. This classic design bowl set is a timeless beauty.

• Heavy grade.

• Mirror finish.

• Non cracking.

• Flat bottomed.

• Scratch resistant.

• Made with pure steel.

• Soft and round edges. So it is easy to hold the bowls without hurting the fingers.

Maintenance & Care 

Retain the shine and new look of this stainless steel soup bowl set by following the below tips.

• Use sponge or soft cloth to remove stains.

• Bring shine to the set using vinegar and warm water.